Upper arms are very important as a cosmetic value for a patient. Many times post bariatric surgery or after massive weight loss there is excess skin on their arms which needs correction. People with excess skin or fatty tissue tend to hide their arms away under clothing such as loose clothes

A person who has made a conscious effort to lose weight should be congratulated, and Dr Shobhit believes that everyone is beautiful just the way they are. However, Dr Shobhit understands that excess skin or fatty tissue can make people unhappy, and that’s why a brachioplasty procedure can be helpful, as it removes this excess skin to leave the arms smooth and taut.

The procedure

If you are considering a brachioplasty, before the operation, you will meet with Dr shobhit to discuss the cosmetic procedure. During the meeting Dr Shobhit will find out more about why you want a brachioplasty and whether the procedure is right for you. For brachioplasty, measurements are taken to determine how much skin and fat can be removed. Once the excess skin is removed, targeted liposuction is often performed in adjacent body areas for a smooth final appearance. The skin is finally tightened with any scars hidden on the inside of the thighs.

A brachioplasty procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia and takes between two and three hours. As a result, an overnight stay in is usually required.