Having breast surgery can be a positive life-changing experience. There are many different reasons why women seek help including cosmetic concerns, cancer treatment, asymmetry, and changes in shape or size. We understand that making the decision to have surgery is a big step for most women, one that requires an absolute confidence in the expertise of your surgeon and a deep level of trust in everyone involved in your care.

Breasts can naturally be too small or too large. Size and shape can also be affected by pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight gain or loss. Women can achieve their desired breasts through breast augmentation (enlargement), reduction or lifting procedures. We understand the desires specific to Indian women who are unique in their combination of body type and lifestyle.

Nowadays breast surgery is the common procedure, whether your need is for reconstruction, Augmentation, Reduction or a Lift, you can rely on the surgeons and staff to give the very best treatment and follow-up support. If you have any questions or a consultation, please contact us.

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