Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

Breast augmentation is the most popular and frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedure in India. Often referred to as a breast enlargement, a breast augmentation increases or restores the size, shape and/or fullness of a woman’s breast. Many women undergo an enlargement together with a breast uplift also called as mastopexy to achieve the breast shape and size they desire.

A breast augmentation is performed by inserting a breast implant behind a woman’s natural breast tissue. Breast implants are breast shaped sacks filled with silicone gel or saline. They are placed either above the main chest muscle or beneath to improve the appearance of the breasts or it is placed in dual plane. This is decided according to your breast profile and skin type and thickness.

There are various types of procedures which depend upon the type of breast tissue you are having. We examine you extensively and according to your needs we customize the surgery according to you. Most commonly inframammary small incision is used to insert the breast implant, scar of which is virtually not visible.

Breast augmentation can also be done using fat grafting which is harvested from thigh or abdomen using suction techniques. This procedure is recommended for those patients who are not willing to place any foreign body in there breast tissue.

Benefits of a breast augmentation:

Often, after major weight change, pregnancy and nursing or due to the natural process of ageing, the breasts reduce in size and gravity takes its toll. Breast augmentation surgery can provide both physical and psychological benefits to women. Women choosing breast augmentation and/or breast uplift seek firmer and fuller breasts that are well proportioned to their body and result in a more appealing figure. This new look may improve a woman’s confidence and have a positive influence on her self-esteem.

Who might benefit from a breast augmentation?

Women often choose breast augmentation simply because they desire larger breasts. Frequently following weight reduction or pregnancy and breastfeeding women want to restore breast volume that has been lost and a breast enlargement will help achieve a larger firmer breast. Some women may have underdeveloped breasts and choose a breast augmentation to create larger breasts that are more in keeping with their body size and shape. If a woman has asymmetric breasts she may consider breast augmentation to even up the size of her breasts. Women who’ve had a mastectomy or injury might choose breast implants and augmentation to reconstruct their breast/s.

  • Filling type: Saline, Silicone Gel, or Highly Cohesive Silicone “Gummy Bear” Implants. Neither is “best,” but there are some differences in cost, feel, and incision requirements that you need to consider. Your cosmetic surgeon will help you find the right implant type for you.
  • Shape: Saline & Silicone Gel implants are typically round, while gummy bear implants come in shaped and round options. Round implants will typically achieve a fuller upper pole (the top portion of your breast), while shaped implants lend a gently sloping look to your breast profile. Both can look very natural with a skilled cosmetic surgeon’s help.
  • Profile: Your cosmetic surgeon will help you choose this based on your existing proportions and your goals. Generally, patients with a more petite frame will require a higher profile implant to achieve the desired size increase while ensuring the implants are not too wide at the base.
  • Size: Breast implants range in size from about 150cc to 800cc or larger. Many patients require a different sized breast implant for each breast; this helps to achieve the best possible symmetry. The size you choose depends on your existing breast size, your personal goals, and your cosmetic surgeon’s recommendations.