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    What is Gynecomastia?

    Gynaecomastia is also called man boobs, or gyno problem in males. In this disease man, chest increases in size like female chest. It is one of the most common cosmetic deformity in males with incidence of more than 40 % in indian males. This problem creates a social and mental embarrassment for the person and it has a major issue in persons life.


    Gynaecomastia is often ignored by our patients which then leads to increase of the grade or severity and further complications.

    Grades of Gynecomastia

    Simon et al has classified gynaecomastia according to severity


    Grade I

    Small enlargement without skin excess

    Grade IIa

    Moderate enlargement without skin excess

    Grade IIb

    Moderate enlargement with minor skin excess

    Grade III

    Marked enlargement with excess skin, mimicking female breast ptosis

    Grade IV

    Like fully formed female chest

    Causes of Gynecomastia?

    Treatment of Gynecomastia?

    Why choose for Minimally Invasive gynecomastia procedure?

    In minimal invasive surgery there is no scar,minimal pain, faster recovery and minimal blood loss, and no recurrence.

    What is minimally invasive of Gynecomastia Surgery?

    Why choose Shobhit Aesthetics?

    Dr Shobhit Gupta is gold medalist qualified plastic surgeon with huge experience in gynaecomastia field, and has operated thousands of gynaecomastia patients with amazing results. Shobhit Aesthetics is the branch of plastic surgery and women health care centre with central delhi location. Domestic patients can reach here easily without any problems and international patients can reach here from the airport, which is just half hr away from our place. This centre is fully recognized by the Delhi government to admit and operate the patients with valid registration numbers with us. We have a fully equipped operation theatre with all the modern infrastructure and machines with us. Our centre staff is trained in cosmetic surgeries for years all together and we love to welcome our clients with our heart.

    Permanent solution for Gynecomastia

    Minimally invasive VS Traditional

    Minimally invasive


    Incision Size 1-2 CM3-4 CM
    Recovery TIme1 Week 2-4 Weeks
    Success rateVery HighLow
    Skin tighteningUniformNon-Uniform
    Chance of ScarsInvisibleMight Leave Scar
    Anesthesia RequiredLocalGeneral

    Gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi

    Know Everything about Gynecomastia?

    Patient's Reviews

    Nice result for my gynaecomastia and comfortable or look osm and dr. Shobhit is very good surgeon or friendly behaviour.

    Akash Sharma

    I went to Dr Shobhit Gupta Clinic. I had fat in my waist. So I took liposuction treatment from Dr Shobhit. And Now I am very happy because my waist is looking good as I wanted... Thank you Sir....

    Kunal Sakkarwal

    Satisfied with gynecomastia surgery done by Dr. Shobhit gupta,, friendly staff & modern clinic.

    Vinay Kumar

    Trustworthy place to consult for any surgery. Humble and kind staff to take care of your problems. Dr. Shobhit Gupta is certified and a great doctor.

    Abhishek Jain

    Got 5 sessions of PRP done at real affordable rates. Result is excellent and conspicuous. Loving my hair nowadays. Will recommend the clinic. I wish I could post a pic showing my hair pre and post PRP. Thank you Doctor.

    Aarshabh and Abhyuday PG

    Dr. Shobhit is one of the most experienced and skilled personality in his field. The way he welcomes and counsel his patients does the half work before treatment. I am fully satisfied with the cosmetic treatment received in his clinic. You get best follow up post surgery too. And the best part is the charges are affordable and in one's budget as compared to other clinics!

    Soumen Roy

    I had pigmentation on my face from a long time. Dr Shobhit suggested yellow peel along with a daily routine of some vitamins. And the results are amazing!! My skin texture has improved miraculously! Pigmentation has lightened to a great extent. Seriously the Dr here knows his craft well!

    Shilpa Goel

    Dr. Shobhit.. Few weeks ago I read about Aesthetics Medispa on the web .. it was my first introduction to you. Very hesitantly I connected with your clinic.. I had a lot of fears and questions. I am surprised that I actually kept my appointment with you. My first meeting with you and the subsequent meetings left no doubt in my mind that I was in professional hands. Today, few weeks later, I feel I have been incredibly lucky to have experienced your compassion and competence. My family too appreciates your expertise and integrity. I am glad I made my choice and placed my trust in your capable hands.

    Jasdeep singh

    Dr. Shobit.. 2 months ago, I met him in Jeewanmala Hospital for my eyes puffiness treatment. I was depressed because of that. But he suggested me for blepharoplasty surgery and gave me assurance for permanently removing that. So last month my surgery was successfully done by him. The result is positive and it looks like much better than before. He is always ready to help me if I have any issue or query. So anybody can feel free to contact him as he is a professional, a good advisor. Thank you sir.😊

    Charu Sagar

    Shobhit Gupta is an excellent and very renowned surgeon . His experience and deep knowledge is really commendable. I would recommend him for any kind of plastic surgery.

    Aakash Gupta

    Services have totally met our expectations! We were so glad that we finally found the aesthetic Clinic where our needs were properly taken care of. We were almost hopeless after searching and going through so many aesthetic centers, but thanks to this particular aesthetic centre, we couldn't have been more thankful. Importantly this doesn't burn a hole in our pocket either. Thank you

    Ankur Vats

      FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)?

      Gynaecomastia surgery is the only treatment for gynaecomastia, and this helps in getting you nice shape with no side effects
      Gynaecomastia surgery helps you to get a manly chest without any scars which will help you to get your self esteem back.

      Gynaecomastia surgery has an almost 100 % success rate as it is a very safe and secure surgery which is accepted as the gold standard treatment for gynaecomastia throughout the world.

      Yes, it is permanent as the gland and fat is completely removed.
      Long term results have a flat chest with almost no scars on chest

      It depends upon the grade and severity of gynaecomastia, normally surgery is completed in about 1 hour

      No alternative, surgery is the only option

      It is a day care surgery, you would be discharged on the same day, you can resume your daily work the next day

      Person who is having gynaecomastia problem and fit to undergo surgery and go for surgery

      Medically unfit people with multiple other issues should not opt for surgery

      Very less, patient is very comfortable during the surgery

      If the surgery is conducted by an expert surgeon and equipped, complications are very very rare.

      Some complications include haematoma or blood clots, infection, bad shape, depressed nipples, bruising or swelling. But these complications are very rare in expert hands    

      Surgery can be performed in either general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia as per patient medical condition and examination

      On 7th day you can start cardio exercises

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