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Bold, sexy, sassy are some new trending words that are head-shaking especially to the females who are looking for body reshaping or appearance enhancement. It’s time to regain confidence and restore the best and perfect posture that a person is dreaming for. The procedure comes with 100% safety if done with the best and board-certified plastic surgeon in India.

Breast Augmentation procedure is a new & innovative procedure to enhance the body figure by inserting implants, fat transfer and can be done by both. The same procedure comes with a different name as Breast Augmentation procedure, Breast Implant Surgery, Mammaplasty, Breast enlargement procedure, Breast fat grafting; etc.

Various circumstances like breastfeeding or an uncertain amount of weight loss lead to loss of breast volume without any significant harm. As mentioned above, Breast Implant Surgery can be done with a different technique, and apparently, this is the most important aspect of the procedure.

Breast enlargement procedure claims to restore the lost breast volume and engrave a perfect body posture by placing soft silicone gel implants under the breast tissue (this is the most common approach preferred by females till date as the mentioned technique allows the breast ducts to produce milk to females in case if the patient is expecting a baby post- procedure). Also, women prefer to undergo their breast enhancement with fat grafting where undesired body fat is suctioned and used to encounter the problem of loose and saggy breasts. And the same can be done by both where plastic surgeons restore the perfect breast size with a good-looking cleavage where implants placements are the same as above but in order to achieve the deep cleavage, fat grafting should be done.

Dr. Shobhit Gupta is a well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Karol Bagh, Delhi. A Surgeon who has done almost 1000s of successful surgeries till date. Visit and consult us and get your deep consultation regarding the procedure today. The cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery at Shobhit Aesthetics is quite affordable as compared to other plastic surgeons.

Dr. Shobhit at Shobhit Aesthetics uses the latest and innovative techniques to assure the best and perfect results.

Breast Implant Surgery cost in India?

Breast enlargement is a plastic surgery that costs you more in appearance than price. So, choose your best plastic surgeon in Delhi who really offers you your dream, not a nightmare. Generally. Breast implant surgery cost at our center is quite affordable along with safety assurance. Patient’s questions, what is the cost of breast enlargement surgery? That is why, below are some factors that are associated with the breast augmentation surgery cost in Delhi are as follows:

  1. i) Surgeon’s experience: Experience costs you a bit high but will assure the perfect results.
  2. ii) Type of implant used during surgery: Mainly in India, either we use silicone implants that are cohesive and rupture free or fat grafting, or by both. So, cost varies as per that as well.

iii) Technique used while surgery: As mentioned, surgery can be done with numerous techniques, and surgery technique depends upon the patient’s expectations.

  1. iv) Patient’s feedback
  2. v) Geographical locations

Is Breast Implant Surgery safe?

This question is completely non-negotiable to answer because safety is the primary concern of surgery. So yes, Breast Augmentation surgery is completely safe if performed by the board-certified Plastic Surgeon. But it is highly recommended to patients, to religiously do all the pre- post- care as prescribed.

How long is Breast Implant Surgery?

Duration depends upon the technique used and the patient’s body type but will not take more than 1.30 hours. If only silicone implant is to be done then the procedure will take approximately 30-45 minutes as a whole or if fat grafting is to be done then also it will take 45 minutes approximately or if both fat grafting and implant are to be done then the whole procedure will take 1.30 hour.

Risks involved in Breast Implant Surgery?

Although, Breast Enhancement Surgery is completely safe, but every surgery comes with some risks involved in it, similarly Breast Implant surgery is no other, below are some listed risks:

  1. i) Infection: It is suggested to the patient before surgery to disclose every necessary detail to the surgeon, otherwise you may suffer from an infection.
  2. ii) Excessive bleeding: If any herbal supplement or any kind of blood thinner medicine is consumed before 7 days of surgery, then it may increase the chances of blood loss.
  3. iii) Implant rupture: It is suggested to the patient, to go for a board-certified and experienced surgeon only, because good quality implants should be used during the procedure, otherwise if the implant ruptures then you may have to go for the surgery again.
  4. iv) Less sensation in nipples and breasts: It is obvious that you may face some sensation loss post-surgery, but it is completely normal, and the same sensation will come back again during your recovery phase.
  5. v) Seroma or capsular contracture: If the surgery is performed by an untrained surgeon, then this may happen with you.
  6. vi) Irritation in Stitches: It is also obvious that if you may face some irritation in stitches, that is why, it is prescribed to do all the post operatives properly.

vii) Fluid accumulation

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Breast Implant Surgery before after

Below, we have mentioned some of our patient’s testimonials along with the results and every necessary detail:

i) Patient’s age:

ii) Patient’s weight:

iii) Technique used during the procedure

iv) Breast size before surgery:

v) Breast size after surgery:

vi) Breast shape pre-procedure:

vii) Breast shape post-procedure:

viii) Patient’s requirement:

ix) Location of incision for implant placement:

You can easily access all our details on our youtube channel where we have mentioned complete information regarding breast implant surgery.

Breast Implant Surgery side effects

Generally, there are no side effects associated with the surgery, but exceptions are always there. So, it is strictly prescribed to the patient to follow every post-operative religiously and consult with the surgeon if you face any uneasiness during your recovery phase.

Breast Implant Surgery Recovery?

Recovery post-procedure is very smooth and easy. But still, you may have experience some of them:

i) Bruising and swelling are completely safe as we consider them as a part of plastic surgery. This may diminish slowly post-procedure.

ii) Minor discomfort at breast part for first few days as you are new who are experiencing the implant weight.

iii) You can start your normal routines such as walking right after another day post- procedure except heavy weightlifting and any kind of vigorous exercise.

iv) You can start your work routine after 2 days of surgery if working from home or any kind of sitting job.

v) Avoid sudden movements while lying on bed and walking including fast running.

vi) Use pressure or compression garment prescribed by the surgeon to maintain breast shape achieved after surgery at least for a month or as prescribed.

vii) By a month, all your swelling, bruising, and discomfort went away, and you are all into your new looks and comfort.

viii) By 7-8 weeks of post-surgery, you can start all your normal routines including exercising, weightlifting, etc.

ix) But avoid vigorous breast exertions for a few months in order to settle down the implants completely.

However, breast enlargement surgery charges in India cost you perfection. What do you need then???

Why is Breast Implant Surgery done?

Breast Implant Surgery is done if:

i) You have lost massive weight which ruins the breast shape

ii) Looking for deeper cleavage

iii) Looking for breast reshaping post-pregnancy

iv) To cope with the asymmetric breast shape

v) If not happy with the present breast size

Facts of Breast Implant Surgery

Implants are safe, effective, and rupture-free if the surgery has been performed by an experienced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. Breast Implant Surgery has been associated with lots of facts. Following facts that should be considered before undergoing breast implant surgery:

i) Implants are safe: Both saline and silicone implants are safe to use for breast implant surgery, as saline implants are filled with a saline solution which allows implants to move freely as same as natural breasts. And silicone implants are thick and hard which shows the elevated breast. So as per your expectations, implant type will be suggested.

ii) Surgery is effective: Surgery is effective for 20-25 years post-surgery.

iii) Breast Implant Surgery is long-lasting: Implants come with a life-long guarantee but should be checked every 10 years in case of implant rupture.

iv) You can opt for surgery again if not satisfied with the results or need more contour in breasts, but consultation is a must with the surgeon again. Or if the shape changes due to breastfeeding and exertions post-surgery, then also can opt for reshaping them again.

v) You may get bruising which is quite common but will subside during a recovery phase. So, there is no need to worry about that.

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Myths of Breast Implant Surgery

Considering the facts, below are some common myths that hit the surgeon’s head during the consultation:

i) Women can’t do Breastfeeding post-surgery: Women can easily breastfeed post-surgery but should inform the surgeon before undergoing surgery because the placing of an implant is responsible for that. The placing of an implant under breast tissue allows breast ducts to produce milk.

ii) Surgery can cause cancer: It is a lie wholesome as no study is proven until any kind of surgery can cause cancer, so can easily go for breast implant surgery with any second thought of causing cancer due to this.

iii) Loss of sensation will remain forever: Sensations indeed subside during surgery but that doesn’t mean that it will never back again. If the surgeon promises bigger and natural breasts, then they definitely give the same along with sensation in nipples.

iv) Saline implants are better to use than silicone: The only difference among them is that Saline is filled with saline solution and moves freely under the breasts, but silicone implants are intact and shaped as high projections and cannot be suppressed freely. Otherwise, both are good to use depending upon the patient’s expectations.

What to consider pre-breast Implant Surgery?

i) Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can ease the problem in no hurry.

ii) Undergo all the blood tests to be done before surgery such as HIV, HCV, HBA1C, LFT, KFT; etc.

iii) Avoid every kind of blood thinner medicine such as aspirin or any kind of anti- inflammatory drug which can increase the risk of blood loss during surgery.

iv) Disclose every kind of food habit, current and previous medical health status that you have.

v) Avoid smoking prior to 3-4 days at least or 7 days before the procedure.

vi) Start the medication if the surgeon prescribed any before the procedure to adjust the medical situation.

 vii) Stop consuming any kind of herbal supplements because that may also cause the loss of more blood during surgery.

viii) Avoid consuming any kind of recreational drug such as cocaine, weed, etc.

ix) Ask for a family member or relative who will be there to take care during surgery day.

x) The procedure is day-care only, so arrange for a driver because you can’t drive on the same surgery day.

What to expect post Breast Enlargement Surgery?

i) It helps to give the proper elevations to the breasts.

ii) Surgery initiates a feel of fuller and voluminous breasts.

iii) Surgery makes the breast symmetrical in case of asymmetrical breasts.

iv) Reshaping of breasts boosts confidence among an individual.

v) Shaping up of breasts makes body appearance proportionate and perfect.

What not to expect post Breast Enlargement Surgery?

i) Can’t give a bigger implant size than the body

ii) Only breast size can be changed post-surgery, nipples and areola shape remains the same

Who might benefit from a Breast Augmentation?

Women often choose breast augmentation simply because they desire larger breasts. Frequently following weight reduction or pregnancy and breastfeeding women want to restore breast volume that has been lost and a breast enlargement will help achieve a larger firmer breast. Some women may have underdeveloped breasts and choose a breast augmentation to create larger breasts that are more in keeping with their body size and shape. If a woman has asymmetric breasts she may consider breast augmentation to even up the size of her breasts. Women who’ve had a mastectomy or injury might choose breast implants and augmentation to reconstruct their breast/s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Implant surgery makes the breasts sensitive and swollen, so it should be touched very delicately for massaging and all but should be kept untouched by any kind of exertions for 4-6 weeks at least. And suggested not to indulge in any kind of physical activity which shakes or generates physical exertion in the breasts. And always wear a compression bra because the bra keeps you intact with your new natural breast shape.

Although it is advised to drive at least for 3-4 days to avoid any strain which may cause blood loss.

Yes, breast implants are identical during scanners, but they may not cause any kind of problem in entry at airports and malls, etc.

No, if performed by an experienced surgeon, because the placing of the implant plays a very important role for appearance. For the same, if surgery is performed by an untrained surgeon it may create more gap between both breasts which looks dramatic and unnatural.

It is a complete myth that females can increase their breast size with any other option except breast surgery. Some of the doctors are suggesting homeopathic treatment, oils, ointments, etc., but that is completely useless. Surgery associated with different surgery options such as

  1. i) Breast Implant Surgery: In this procedure, the surgeon places a silicone implant under the breast tissue.
  2. ii) Fat Transfer: If there is excessive and undesired fat accumulated at different body parts then it may also use to increase your breast size by following the procedure of liposuction, by doing anesthesia incisions primarily, then the surgeon will go for the liposuction of the body fat where surgeon suctions fat from specific body area like abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc.; and then inject that suctioned fat to the breast and cleavage area. But the major drawback of this procedure is that 20-30% of injected fat dissolves on its own. So, it is suggested for the females who are looking to reshape only not for size changes.

iii) Breast Implant and Body transfer: This is the procedure designed for the females who are looking for bigger breasts but that cannot be achieved with single implant surgery, then surgeons prescribed them to do both together and enhance the breast area.

  1. iv) Non-surgical Breast Augmentation: Apart from the surgical methods, to enhance the breast shape non-surgically, you can use padded bras as per the desired size.

Types of Breast Implants

In India, silicone implants are commonly used to do breast implant surgery but generally, there are 3 types of implants majorly used worldwide till date which are:

  1. i) Silicone Implants: Silicone implants are filled with the cohesive silicone gel with the hard & thick silicone covering outside, if in case of implant ruptures then it cannot move beyond the cohesive silicone structure. So, it is suggested to do a routine check-up post-surgery to know the placed implant state. Motiva and sebbin are the best brands used mainly in India till date.
  2. ii) Saline Implants: Saline implants are filled with a saline solution covered with a soft and skinny silicone layer. Implant sizes are determined by the saline solution filled in them.

iii) Gummy Bear Implants: It is also known as tear-drop Implant and gel-based implants where the implant is filled with thicker silicone gel to intact the same shape as breasts are. These implants are more expensive than any other silicone or saline implant.

 Apart from this, we do have different styles for implants as per your body framing and expectations. All these styles are named as per the projection amount, which is known as low profile, moderate profile, high profile, and ultra-high profile.

Size suggestions can be done by the surgeon only because there are lots of facts that need to consider before prescribing any shape such as:

  1. i) Patient’s weight: It should be known because then only the surgeon can suggest the accurate size which looks natural and perfect as per the body shape.
  2. ii) Patient expectations: If the patient is looking for elevations only, then can do the same with a smaller implant size.

Implant sizes start from 100cc to 600cc, but generally, women prefer to move from 225cc-475cc, otherwise, breast shape may look unnatural.

Breast Implants are permanent if performed by an experienced plastic surgeon but shouldn’t be kept for more than 20-25 years post-surgery, consultation with the surgeon is mandatory before removing them.

Things should do for the fast and best recovery

  1. i) Should wear loose clothes: You should wear loose clothes as it helps the body and stitches to breathe freely and responds for the fastest recovery.
  2. ii) Healthy food intake: Healthy diet and proper hydration improve body state initiates a faster recovery and avoid chances of fluid accumulation post-surgery.

iii) Proper post-operatives: Post operatives are to be followed properly by following the appropriate massaging action for faster recovery.

  1. iv) Keep calm: Patience is really important during the recovery phase because the body almost needs 2-3 weeks to get the normal routine.

v) Regular Check-Ups: It is strictly advised by the surgeon to look for the surgeon during recovery for the needed assistance if any.

It is very easy to understand that if any incision takes place, then a scar must be there, but modernization took us to another level already, we use an endoscopic scarless technique where an incision is made at the axillary area (Underarms) which helps to hide the scar under the arm’s crease and makes the surgery complete scarless Breast augmentation surgery.

 The best part of this surgery is, one can expect the results the same day just right after the surgery, but the question arises and is stuck at recovery, which depends upon the patient’s patience and post-operative treatment given to them.

Schedule a consultation with us because it is way more important to know whether you are an ideal candidate for the surgery or not. If yes, then which technique and implants will be suitable for that and if no, then what are the potential reasons for saying no to the surgery. Feel free to connect with us and book an appointment to meet Dr. Shobhit Gupta and take a one-on-one consultation with him. And know how you can transform your breasts.

However, implants start settling in during the recovery phase but approximately 3-4 months is important for perfect shape and posture and depending upon the patient’s body elasticity.

i) Do not bathe until your stitch removal because water can wet the stitches over which may cause fluid accumulation or infection.

ii) Do not wear tight clothes as tight clothes don’t let the breasts breathe properly and slow down the recovery pace.

iii) Avoid any kind of vigorous exercise, weightlifting as it may open the wound stitches. Only light exercises are recommended.

iv) If in case of any emergency or uneasiness, consult the surgeon immediately.

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