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Unlock the Secret to Confidence: Explore Top-Notch Breast Fat Transfer in Delhi, India

The procedure called Breast Augmentation is gaining popularity day by day in terms of enhancing body figures, raising self-confidence, and bolder appearances. However, Breast augmentation can be done in two ways. 

  1. Breast Implant Surgery, where a surgeon inserts silicone gel cohesive implants under the breast tissue to look like elevated breasts. 
  2. Breast Fat Transfer: Patients are often confused and questioned, what is Breast Fat Transfer? it is the procedure that can be done along with Breast Implant Surgery and separately itself. In this technique, a surgeon suctions the patient’s body fat with the help of Liposuction from the areas like thighs, tummy, back, and arms and then injects that suctioned fat into the breasts, precisely to increase the breast size. 

Now, many of you are searching for the best breast fat transfer near methen you are indeed at your dream come true destination and need not worry at all. We at Karol Bagh, Delhi promise the best of all time with 100% transparent and successful results. Breast Fat Transfer is commonly renowned as Breast Augmentation Surgery, Breast Fat Grafting Surgery, etc. As the name suggests, the technique of fat grafting was primarily invented in India itself and done by an Indian Physician called Sushruta (an Indian Physician and later famous as the father of Plastic Surgery) in 600 BCE. 

Experience Exceptional Breast Fat Transfer Surgery with Dr. Shobhit Gupta

In search of breast fat injection costs in Delhi, you may excuse yourself a minute and think once, what should it be? As the fat grafting technique was invented in India itself, the cost of breast augmentation surgery is pocket-friendly and assures the best and unforgettable results. Dr. Shobhit, renowned as the best transformation Plastic Surgeon in Delhi to date, at Karol Bagh, Delhi promises the best results with all of his efficacy and transparency. 

The cost of Breast fat transfer Surgery at Shobhit Aesthetics is pocket-friendly of course as compared to other plastic surgeons around. Dr. Shobhit at Shobhit Aesthetics uses the latest and innovative techniques to ensure the best and perfect results. We at Shobhit Aesthetics, take you towards your dream posture with our homely and safe environment. Being a lady you will experience a very comfortable and home-like ambiance by associating with us. 

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Breast fat transfer Surgery before & after

You should check the surgeon’s results which were previously done. Before and after planning your surgery has a great impact on your decision-making. Below, we have mentioned some of our patient’s testimonials along with the results and every necessary detail that should be concerned:

i) Patient’s age:

ii) Patient’s weight:

iii) Technique used during the procedure:

iv) Breast size before surgery: 

v) Breast size after surgery: 

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Why Breast fat transfer Surgery is done?

It is very important to know who should do this surgery or not. The surgery procedure is done if:

  1. Looking for breast upliftment
  2. Lady who has sagging breasts 
  3. A patient looking for breast contours
  4. Patient who has asymmetric breasts
  5. Patient who is looking for cleavage creation 

The patient often asks, Is Breast fat transfer Surgery worth it or not? Every surgery has its worth and to get the best you must consult Dr. Shobhit for your concern. Beyond this, surgery has complete worth and is very helpful to create better breast contours and re-shaping and most importantly for cleavage creation.

Does recovery time post Breast fat Surgery?

At least 2 days are required to complete the breast fat transfer recovery and a month for natural transformation but can be able to talk, and walk post 2 to 3 days of surgery and can resume all of your normal activities from the next day onwards. But indeed should follow the given prescriptions by a surgeon for speedy and the best recovery. During recovery, you may experience some of the:

  1. The breast feels tightens than usual which is completely normal post-surgery
  2. Wear a compression bra as suggested always for more permanent and contoured results
  3. Swelling around breasts
  4. Bruising is normal for some days, but if persists for more than a week, consult with your surgeon immediately

Side effects of Breast fat transfer Surgery?

Similar to every surgery, there are some potential risks associated with the surgery, i.e; 

  1. You may experience some persistent pain but if you are suffering so, consult immediately with a surgeon
  2. DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) – Generally this problem belongs to genetics which is why one should inform the surgeon before surgery. However, this happens 1 in a 100
  3. You may lose excess blood if surgery is performed by an un-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon
  4. Can suffer from hematoma: Again not so common side-effects but yes can happen so disclose all health history related to maternal and paternal till today
  5. Asymmetric breasts, if an un-experienced surgeon is a part of your transformation

Precisely, need the best plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Delhi for the best outset that is why it is suggested to get your surgery done only with a board-certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon to avoid all the above-mentioned complications. 

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Precautions to consider before doing breast fat transfer Surgery?

  1. Driving is restricted strictly, so one person is a must during surgery who can take you to your home post-surgery
  2. Should get the surgery done by board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon only
  3. Avoid smoking and alcohol before 7 days of surgery: It is a must to avoid excessive blood loss especially
  4. Avoid consuming blood thinner medicines such as Aspirin, and any other herbal supplements which may increase the chances of excessive blood loss during surgery
  5. If consuming any kind of medicine, must inform your surgeon as he/she will be the only one to keep you healthy and surgery-ready

What is the right age to get Breast fat transfer Surgery done?

Medical fitness is a primary concern to focus on if any patient beyond 21 can opt for the surgery. And as I have already mentioned above that who should get the surgery done, must consider them also. 

What to expect with Breast fat transfer Surgery?

The most important and so common question is which every patient is always eager to know. Do your breast fat grafting with Delhi’s best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon only. The best surgeon can offer you the best only. However, you may get perfect- deep-contoured breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

During undergoing breast fat transfer surgery, definitely ask this to your surgeon about your long-lasting results. And after 5 years of surgery, you may experience some visible breast shape changes as the body started dissolving the injected body fat either due to weight changes. 

Surgery is completely safe and free from any severe risks of cancer and another chronic disease. And if you have had a history of such diseases as hereditary record breast of breast cancer or any other severe breast disease, must consult with the surgeon to avoid any kind of high-associated risk. 

Yes, you can plan out for surgery but should convey this mindset to your surgeon for sure so that he/she can guide you at the best outset. So, if you are planning to get bigger breasts, visit Dr. Shobhit at Karol Bagh, Delhi in order to get the best, safe and long-lasting results. 

This concern is very important to clear out because after some time of surgery, own body fat starts dissolving with the body and this can be due to weight changes and the reason could be others as well. But yes, for at least 7-8 years, you don’t need to change your bra size post-surgery. 

Yes, indeed, otherwise why does any surgeon want you to get this done. It is obvious that it lasts if surgery is performed with experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. But won’t last as like implants as the body fat starts dissolving on its own.

You may get surprised by knowing that yes you can breastfeed easily post your breast augmentation surgery as the fat is being placed between breast milk ducts and chest wall which allows post baby birth to produce milk. 

Generally, this procedure determines the transfer of body fat to the breast in a very small amount, which can transform the overall breast appearance of their silhouette. 

No, not at all. You may get your previous breast size but this surgery won’t create any kind of skin sagging. Skin elasticity is as intact as previously was.

 No, surgery won’t hurt the patient in any manner. Mild swelling, and bruising must be there but will last up to a week only. 

Breast Fat Injection

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