Discover a New You: Premier Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi, India

Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi: Explore Its Causes, Cost, Procedure & More

Many women face challenges when it comes to feeling good about themselves and being physically comfortable. One aspect that plays a big role in this is the size of their breasts. Even though society often praises larger breasts, the truth is that having very big breasts can sometimes cause physical discomfort, emotional stress, and health issues. Luckily, there's a solution called breast reduction surgery. In Delhi, a busy city known for its advanced medical facilities, more and more women are choosing this surgery to improve both their physical and mental well-being.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that is meant to ease the physical and emotional difficulties of people that come with having excessively large breasts. During the surgery, the surgeon removes extra breast tissue, fat, and skin, resulting in breasts that are more proportionate to the body to relieve discomfort.

Breast reduction surgery in Delhi is a way to make big breasts smaller and more comfortable. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the extra fat and extra breast tissue to give a more equal size and also shapes the remaining tissue to make them look lifted and more youthful.

Consultation Process:
Schedule consultations with Dr. Shobhit Gupta to discuss your goals and concerns about the big breasts. Dr. Shobhit Gupta and his team will take the time to understand your needs and provide personalized recommendations about the surgery.

What Causes Large Breasts?

Hormones, like estrogen, play a role in making breasts grow like when you're going through puberty, during pregnancy, and in your monthly cycle. 

Your family background can influence whether your breasts are big or small. If your family members have large breasts, you might inherit that trait from them. 

If you gain weight, your breasts might also get bigger as breasts have fat, and more body fat can increase their size.

Having a baby and breastfeeding can make your breasts grow too, due to hormonal changes and increased blood flow. 

As you age, your skin starts losing its elasticity, and the parts holding up your breasts might stretch, making them appear larger. 

Birth control pills, containing hormones, can influence breast size for some women. There's a rare condition called gigantomastia, where breasts become larger due to excessive tissue growth. 

Reasons for Choosing Breast Reduction Surgery:

Physical Discomfort:
Women with large breasts experienced physical discomfort such as back, neck, and shoulder pain. The extra weight of the breasts can strain the body's muscles which can cause chronic pain.

Posture Issues:

Large breasts' weight can affect your posture causing slouching and the risk of spine problems. Breast reduction surgery aims to ease the strain and promotes better posture that will reduce back pain.

Skin Irritation:
Large breasts also lead to skin irritation and rashes, especially beneath the breasts. Breast reduction surgery helps solve these problems by reducing breast size.

Difficulty in Physical Activities:
Women who have disproportionately large breasts may find it hard to be involved in physical activities like sports and exercise. Breast reduction surgery enhances mobility, making an active lifestyle more accessible.

Emotional Well-being:
Beyond physical benefits, breast reduction surgery can significantly improve your emotional well-being. Many individuals feel more confident, comfortable, and satisfied with their appearance after the breast reduction procedure.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Big and Drooping Breasts:
Individuals with large breasts that sag, where the areolas and nipples point downward.

Noticeable Size Difference:
Those who have a noticeable difference in the size of their breasts, with one being smaller than the other.

Pain from Heavy Breasts:
People experience neck or shoulder pain because the weight of their breasts is causing discomfort.

Skin Irritation Below the Breasts:
Individuals dealing with skin irritation problems beneath their breasts, likely due to their size and weight.

Concerns About Body Proportions:
Women who feel their body proportions are unappealing due to the size of their breasts and desire a more balanced appearance.

What to expect after Breast Reduction Surgery?

Many of you can think while knowing about the surgery what you can expect after getting the surgery done. Starting from Day 1 to Day 90, we suggest the patient first do all the pre-post-surgical care for the best results. And for the best results, keep your objective very clear. Results post-surgery:

Day 1 to week 2: We suggest doing all the surgical prescriptions to avoid any kind of illness and uneasiness. During this time, you are suggested not to do any kind of vigorous exercises as the stitches around the areola and vertical breasts take time to heal approx. 3 weeks. And if the stitches are non-dissolvable, then also same has been suggested. So for this time, pressure garments and surgical care are only to do tasks. During this time, you can have light food along with yogurt to avoid gastritis as you must be on medications and antibiotics, can do walking but keep in mind that breasts shouldn’t move unnecessarily, should avoid any physical and sexual activities, as pressure garments is must so need to wear pressure bra for at least 18-20 hours in a day during this time slab, can join office after the third day of surgery. 

Week 3 – 2 Months: This time is very important for perfect breast shape. So it is suggested to wear a pressure bra, can do all the exercises suggested by the doctor for this time to remove sagginess and for tightening. 

3 Months: Now, is the perfect time to realize the new you at your best outset. After 3rd month of surgery, you can continue all of your working, and exercising schedule which you kept before. Believe me, you are fabulous and your perfect breasts are like a cherry on the cake top.

Breast Reduction Surgery Can/Can’t Do

Reduces Breast Size
Relieve Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
Balanced Breast-to-Body Ratio
Increased Confidence
Improve in physical activities

Prevent the Natural Aging Process
Guarantee Breastfeeding Ability
Make super smaller size

The Breast Reduction Surgery Process:

Initial Consultation:
Your journey starts with an initial consultation with Dr. Shobhit Gupta and his team. They'll assess your overall health, discuss your goals, and explain the surgical process.

Preoperative Evaluation:
Before the surgery, you'll undergo some tests to ensure you're healthy and an ideal candidate for the procedure. How long the surgery lasts depends on the technique and the person's body. If the best plastic surgeon is doing it, it usually takes less than 1.30 hours.

Surgery Day:
On the surgery day, you'll be given local or general anesthesia depending on the complexity of the procedure, and the surgeon will carefully remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin. Then, the surgeon makes careful cuts on your breasts, which are like lines that help them do the surgery. The cuts can be shaped like an anchor, or a line depending on what the surgeon and you decide. After that, the surgeon takes out the extra stuff from your breasts, like fat and skin, to make them a better size. They might also use a special tool called liposuction to remove more fat. If needed, the surgeon may change the place of your nipples to make everything look normal. 

Recovery Period:
After getting breast reduction surgery in Delhi, you enter a time when your body needs to heal. Right after the surgery, you might feel some discomfort and see some swelling and bruising, but the medicine the surgeon gives you helps with any pain. In the first week, you need to wear a special bra and take it easy on heavy activities. As the weeks go by, you should slowly start doing regular things again while still wearing the supportive bra. Visiting your surgeon regularly during this time is important to make sure everything is healing well. Over a few months, any scars you have will start to fade, and you can go back to your normal activities. It's a process, and by following the surgeon's advice and going to check-ups, you can enjoy the benefits of the surgery, like feeling more comfortable and confident in your body.

Postoperative Follow-up:
Regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon are crucial to monitor your healing progress. They'll provide guidance on scar care, physical activity, and other postoperative considerations.
First Checkup (Within the First Week): After your breast reduction surgery, you'll have your first checkup pretty soon, usually within the first week.

Checking How You're Healing: During this visit, the surgeon checks how well you're healing. They make sure there are no signs of infection and see how you're managing any discomfort.

Taking Off Dressings: If there were any bandages or dressings after surgery, the surgeon might remove them during this appointment to check the cuts they made.

Going Over Care Instructions Again: The surgeon will go over the instructions for taking care of yourself after surgery. This includes things like wearing a special supportive bra, handling any pain, and not doing certain activities.

Tips for Taking Care of Scars: The surgeon will give you advice on taking care of any scars, which might include things like massaging them or using special creams to make them less noticeable.

Techniques used for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Every technique has its importance but you should ask a surgeon before choosing among them because a surgeon can be the only one who can assure you the best result-oriented technique as per the expectation you have anticipated prior. Breast Reduction Surgery can be done with a different technique, considered the most important aspect of the procedure such as the T-Scar technique, Vertical Short-scar technique, and Pectoralis sling procedure. As the name implies, every surgery has its importance:

  1. T-Scar technique: This is known as the wise and the first used breast reduction surgery technique, where the surgery technique left an inverted T-shape scar over a breast. The surgery promises the surgery results right after the surgery but can change after a few years but one of the most common problems with this technique is that it leaves the rectangular breast shape from the lower quadrant after a few years. Every patient can opt for this technique. 
  2. Vertical Short-scar technique: Surgery promises the best results, this technique leaves a perfect vertical scar over an areola and doesn’t leave any horizontal scarring which fades away over 3 months. This technique is not suggested for patients who have sagging breasts because of sudden weight loss. For such patients, the inverted T-scar technique, Breast Mastopexy, or breast augmentation in Delhi is the perfect go-to surgery for them. 
  3. Pectoralis sling procedure: In this technique, incisions are made on the breast tissues and are used as a flap to uplift the breast. In this technique, incisions are made from the pectoralis muscles to create a breast flap that assures attractive breast shapes and supports the breast with the flap made along with the pectoralis muscle. The set of pectoralis muscles is under the anterior portion of the chest. 

All these surgical techniques are considered the safest technique to perform reduction surgery and along with the radiofrequency laser, the technique assures the same results as the reduction surgery. Below, we have listed some of the patient testimonials along with the breast reduction surgery pictures which you can go for. If looking for the best Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi then you are at your best place.

Risks and Complications After Breast Reduction Surgery

Unsatisfactory Cosmetic Results:
Surgeons aim for good-looking results, but everyone heals differently. How scars form and heal can affect the final look. Realistic expectations and talking openly with the surgeon are important.

Infections can happen after any surgery. Doctors usually give antibiotics to lower the risk, but sometimes infections still occur.

Allergic Reactions:
Sometimes, people might have allergic reactions to things used during surgery, like materials or medications. Though rare, it's something to be aware of.

After breast reduction surgery, scars are expected. Surgeons try to make them as small as possible, but how a person heals and their genes can affect how much scarring happens.

A hematoma is like a pocket of blood that forms outside blood vessels after surgery. Small ones might go away on their own, but bigger ones may need more surgery to fix.

Similar to a hematoma, a seroma is a collection of clear fluid. Usually, the body absorbs it, but bigger seromas might need draining.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in India?
Surgery costs are associated with lots of factors starting from expectations to results but must check with the surgeon’s previous results and certifications before the surgery. The cost of surgery at Shobhit Aesthetics may vary as per the technique used during surgery, and the body fat to get removed, but still can cost you between INR 85,000 to INR 2,50,000 depending upon the surgeon's geographical location. Out of all, a surgeon's expertise plays a very important role. 

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Safe in India?
Yes, you can rely on Dr. Shobhit Gupta, every surgery which is done by a board-certified Plastic Surgeon is completely safe. However, this is a concerning question and must be answered because safety should be the primary concern of surgery. So yes, Breast Reduction surgery in Delhi is completely safe if performed by a board-certified Plastic Surgeon. However, it is suggested that patients follow all the pre- post-care as prescribed strictly. If looking for low-cost surgery in India, then must visit Dr. Shobhit Gupta only at Shobhit Aesthetics and get your surgery done with all new and advanced techniques for the best and perfect results.

Dr. Shobhit Gupta is a board-certified, well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Karol Bagh, Delhi. A Surgeon who has done almost 1000s of successful surgeries to date with all of his homely environment. Visit and consult us and get your in-person consultation regarding the procedure today. The cost of Breast Reduction Surgery at Shobhit Aesthetics is quite affordable compared to other plastic surgeons if you’re looking for the most affordable and quality service.

Frequently Asked Questions

To analyze the ideal patient for breast augmentation surgery, the following criteria should be accessed:

i) Patients who have flattened, saggy breasts and don't have appropriate cleavage can go for the surgery.

ii) If you are a non-smoker and non-alcoholic, then you are best to go for surgery but also if you use to consume alcohol and are a smoker, then also you can opt for the surgery but should avoid both before 7 days of the procedure.

iii) If you know the difference between reel and reality because acceptance should be there for what you are getting up to.

iv) If your age is 22 or more than that, then you can go for the surgery.

v) If you are medically fit, and healthy.

vi) You have an appropriate time to rest and can do all the post-surgery care.

vii) You must be ready for the risks and rewards post-surgery.

No, you are completely safe and free from such risks. Appearance enhances the quality of living but doesn’t become a nightmare. Not only Breast Reduction surgery but also every Plastic and cosmetic surgery are completely free from these severe losses. And the above mentioned surgery also assures the complete safety from cancer. But if you do have a history of such disease in your family and relatives, must convey this to your surgeon. 

Swelling will subside and facilitate by on its own. You should only keep yourself hydrated and rely upon a low-sodium diet. And this can help you to heal with swelling just in a few weeks post-surgery but minor swelling will be there which can last for months. 

It is suggested to sleep with elevated breasts at least till the stitches dissolve or remove. 

Generally, this thing you should leave over a surgeon. Mostly surgeon suggests the removable one to check whether everything under the breast is alright or not. 

This will completely depend upon the skin elasticity, as how much time the skin will take to attain actual breast shape post-surgery. But it is suggested to talk to the surgeon over this concern for the best results, but should at least wear for a month. 

This is the most important question to ask with the surgeon as almost every patient are unaware of the facts regarding pressure garment post-surgery. It is suggested to maintain the breast shape by providing an adequate support post-surgery.  

Must note: Should wear loose shirts and for some days, avoid wearing t-shirts and kurtis which cannot be unbuttoned as you are suggested not to move body or hand more. That is why, until the doctor suggests, should wear loose and comfy clothes over tight fitted clothes. 

Well yes, surgery will restrict you to travel for so long routes at least a week. But if you are feeling completely fit and easy to go then you can have a word with a surgeon and can opt for traveling. But must connect with the surgeon over this. 

Yes, for some time but it will be back again in few a months post-surgery. 

Yes, you may experience some. But the weight reduction quantity will completely depend upon the total breast tissue which the surgeon has eliminated from the body. 

Keep a note: Until your blood sugar level goes down till normal, you are not a surgery candidate at all. And that is why, your surgeon will definitely ask you for:

  1. LFT- Liver Function Test
  2. KFT- Kidney Function Test
  3. Blood Sugar- HBA1C (if you have high blood sugar)
  4. HBSAG
  5. Viral Marker such as HIV, HCV
  6. Thyroid

There is a bucket full of tasks that you should be ready to do post-surgery:

  1. You must have a person with you to take care of post-surgery. 
  2. Avoid bathing until the dressing and stitches are removed in order to avoid fluid accumulation and the formation of blood clots. 
  3. In case of any emergency, don’t delay connecting with your surgeon.
  4. Must not to do any heavy exercise except walking
  5. Water, juices, and hydrated fruits are very helpful to keep you hydrated, so must have them.
  6. Should go for a healthy and balanced diet to eliminate the risk of weakness
  7. Don’t delay to have pain killers if you have pain even after the prescription course completes. Generally, you don’t need it but in case of exception, you can have a painkiller. 
  8. As pain and other things are temporary, should motivate yourself and keep you ready for new you.
  9. Start living happily to speed up the whole recovery process.
  10. Avoid laying over a bed for all time as this will increase the chances of formation of a dangerous blood clot.
  11. Avoid consuming every supplement whichever it is until the doctor suggests to re-consume them.
  12. Avoid smoking and alcohol for at least 10-15 days after surgery or until the breast tissue heals.


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