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What is Hair Transplant?

 A hair transplant is a surgical procedure to restore hair to areas of the bald scalp or the areas that have thin hair. There are different types of hair transplant surgeries that can be used alone, or in combination, to treat hair naturally. The surgeon usually takes hair from the backside of the head where the hair follicles are genetically healthy and dense. 

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair falls can appear in various ways, depending on the causes. Hair fall can occur suddenly or gradually and affect your scalp. Normally new hair grows in place of the lost hair, but it’s not always happen. Some people lose their hair permanently or sometimes temporarily. Shobhit Aesthetics is the top hair transplant clinic in Delhi. The best hair transplant in Delhi cost is less in Shobhit Aesthetics than in other clinics.

Hair loss has many different reasons, some are discussed below: –

  • Hereditary: – One of the most common causes of losing hair is hereditary and it happens with increasing aging. It is known as androgenic alopecia or male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness. This type of hair fall occurs in a pattern that is receding hairline and bald spots can be seen in men and thinning hair on the scalp in women. Try a top hair transplant in Delhi to increase the density of your hair. 
  • Low DHT: – DHT is an androgen (male sex hormone) that is produced by testosterone in the testes. This hormone is responsible for male sex characteristics in men. Low-level DHT can affect sexual development and also lead to hair loss. 
  • Hormonal Changes: – Hormonal changes are also one of the most common causes of hair fall which can lead to permanent or temporary hair loss. These hormonal changes may occur due to pregnancy, after childbirth, menopause, and thyroid problems. 
  • Medications and Supplements: – Some medicines cause side effects that may affect your hair and are the reason for your bald scalp. Visit the best clinic for hair transplants in Delhi for treatment.
  • Radiation therapy to the head: –  The hair does not grow back the same as it was before after the therapy. Take your treatment with the best hair transplant doctor in New Delhi. Shobhit Aesthetics is the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. 
  • Taking a lot of Stress: – Few people experience a thinning and loss of hair after a physical or emotional shock, it could be anything. It is temporary and hair regrows after a few months.
  • Hairstyles: – Nowadays there is a fashion of colored hair. Many people use styling tools to maintain a stylish look. However, excessive and poor-quality chemicals may damage your hair. Reduce the usage of using tools and chemicals and go with something natural to keep your hair healthy. If hair fall is excessive, visit the best hair transplant doctor in New Delhi.  

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Stages of Hair loss

Stage 1: –  No hair loss or a very slight recession of the hairline

Stage 2: – Hair loss at the temple can be seen and rescission of hairline may be started

Stage 3: – The sign of balding appears. Very little hair is left at the temples and the hairline, M, U, or V shape can be seen.

Stage 4: – Hair at the crown starts thinning and makes large patches of hair loss at the vertex. 

Stage 5: – The band between the two areas of the hair left becomes larger and it is the severe stage of hair loss.

Stage 6: – The areas at the temples and vertex of baldness join together and the band between them disappears and the baldness can be seen clearly

Stage 7: – Hair left on the head is fine and less dense than before. Only genetically strong hair is left. A hair transplant is the only solution to recover naturally appearing hair.  

Ideal Candidates for Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Women having hair thinning because of Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) 
  • Men facing male pattern baldness 
  • Any individual who lost their hair due to any scalp injury
  • Anyone who is looking to make a change to their hairline
  • People have realistic expectations

Hair Transplantation with Shobhit Aesthetics

Hair transplantation is a sensitive procedure that requires skills and it is very important to choose the clinic which provides the best hair transplant in Delhi.

Shobhit Aesthetics is the best clinic providing the best hair transplant in Delhi. 

We use all modern technology and follow treatment standards for the best results. Our centers are well equipped with the latest technologies along with the highly-skilled board-certified surgeons. Shobhit Aesthetics offers a hair transplant clinic in Delhi priced lower than others.

Our surgeons have several years of experience with 100% success rates in their respective fields. We have treated various patients having hair all problems and currently catering to patients from all over the world for their hair transplant needs.

Dr. Shobhit Gupta is a renowned plastic surgeon and founder of Shobhit Aesthetics. He has more than 11 years of experience. He is the gold medalist and the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi

Types of Hair Transplant

There are mainly two types of hair transplantation that are FUE and FUT methods of hair transplantation. All the other methods performed by the surgeons are the advanced version of these two methods. In Shobhit Aesthetics, we use six different ways of hair restorations. 

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): – In this method, the surgeon takes out the hair follicles from the donor area and plants them one by one into the recipient area which is the bald area of the head. 
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): – In the FUT method, the surgeon takes a skin-bearing strip from the donor area and takes out the hair follicles then under the high-powered microscopes implants them into the bald area. 
  • Robotics Hair Transplant:- The extraction and implantation of hair follicles are done by a machine in robotic hair transplant. This technique is an advanced version of hair transplant which extracts the accurate and equal sizes of the hair follicles. 
  • Synthetic Hair Transplant: – Artificial fiber is used in synthetic hair transplant. Person with complete baldness or very less hair is an ideal candidate for a synthetic hair transplant. 
  • Long Hair Transplant: – When the patients desire to increase the volume of their hair. The long hair transplant is recommended by Dr. Shobhit Gupta. This is the only procedure in which shaving and cutting of the hair is not required.

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Duration of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery takes up to 4-6 hours under local or general anesthesia. With the team of the best surgeon and high-quality tools, hair follicles are taken and implanted into the bald area. After the surgery, bandages are put to cover the treated area. Dr. Shobhit Gupta discharges the patient on the same day of the surgery. The patient might feel some dizziness for a few hours and that’s why Dr. Shobhit Gupta recommends resting for a few hours at the clinic  and then the patient can go home. Dr. Shobhit Gupta is the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi.

Recovery After Hair Transplant

After the surgery, patients feel some tenderness in their scalp which is common and the medicines will be prescribed by the surgeon for at least a few weeks which can help in reducing discomfort the pain and tenderness. The surgeon put bandages over the treated area to avoid any contact for at least a day. Most of the patients can return to their daily activities within a few  days after the surgery.

After 2 to 3 weeks of the surgery, the transplanted hair falls out and within 3 months the patient starts noticing new hair growth. It is most important for the patients to follow all the given instructions to heal fast. 

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplants in Delhi cost vary on the choice of the place and the surgeon. The hair transplant is the only method to restore hair naturally. Some people are worried about the hair transplant price in Delhi. A hair transplant can be your permanent investment when performed by the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi.  

If you are worried about hair transplant cost in Delhi, visit Shobhit Aesthetics for reasonable rates.

Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

There are a few hair transplant side effects are faced by the patients: – 

  • Bleeding
  • Pain.  
  • Numbness 
  • Itching 
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Losing sensation around the treated areas

These are some temporary side-effects of hair transplant surgery which are very common and can be treated with medications. However, sometimes the patients can face long-term side effects.

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Hair Transplant Side Effects Long-Term

  • Permanent loss of grafts can be faced in the donor area
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Scars on the treated area

These complications can be avoided when you get your treatment done by a board-certified surgeon. 

Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

There are some proven benefits after hair transplant surgery: – 

  1. Improved Overall Appearance: – You can check the previous patients’ details from the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi and the clinic you’ve chosen for your treatment. People seem happy after the hair transplant as it boosts their self-confidence and makes them look attractive.  
  2. A Permanent Solution: – Hair transplantation surgery restores hair naturally that gives permanent results of baldness. What will be the best if you are getting a permanent solution to your problem. In Shobhit Aesthetics, you’ll get a hair transplant in Delhi at a low cost.
  3. Get Rid of Baldness: – Men or women who are facing hair loss, the only effective way to get rid of baldness is a hair transplant. Once the hair transplant surgery is done, the transplanted areas will never have hair fall problems. You won’t face any hair loss problems. And with us, hair transplant procedures have a very high success rate.
  4. Cost Effective: – Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution which is why it is cost-effective as you need no regular touch-ups, it’s just one-time surgery that helps in providing permanent results. You just need to invest at once only. 
  5.  Hair transplant success rate is high
  6. Chances of compilations are less
  7. Boost Self-Certified
  8. Improve Volume of the Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, hair transplant surgery helps provide natural hair growth on your bald scalp. As hair follicles are taken from the backside of your head which is called the donor area and then implanted in the bald area. Once the hair follicles get implanted, the hair will continue to grow like normal hair because it is the natural hair follicles.

During the surgery, anesthesia is given to the patient to numb and which makes the entire surgery painless. Although, after the surgery, the patients might feel mild discomfort which is very common, medications can give relief from pain.

If you are facing extreme hair loss or hair thinning, a hair transplant is the best option to restore hair fullness and boost your self-esteem. Hair transplant surgery can be problematic if not done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Therefore, it is advisable to look for an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon.

Hair Transplant

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