Are you Looking for Long Hair Transplant Treatment in Delhi?

Everything is possible in the world of Plastic Surgery and every patient urges for the best transformation. Looking for a hair transplant but do you really want to let other people know for the same. You may be surprised by this, but yes it is now a decision away for your best long hair transplant in Delhi. 

Who is the primary candidate for Long Hair Transplant in India?

Before knowing more about the surgery, first, know who the eligible surgery candidates are: 

a) Person from defence who don’t allow to get the hair trim

b) Pilots

c) People from the corporate sector like chiefs, and CEO’s who majorly don’t aspire for the shaved look are the primary candidate for this surgery. However, anyone can get this done. 

What is a Long Hair Transplant?

Long Hair Transplant is the world’s only technique that is promising your hair transplant without trimming a single hair. Interestingly, nobody can figure out that you have done something for your hair growth (the most-satisfactory advantage of a long hair transplant). But indeed, need an experienced Plastic Surgeon for this. And moreover to this, a long hair transplant in India assures the best results with minimal pain.  

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Before and after Long Hair Transplant

Below watch some of our patient testimonials and their views post-surgery. And also, before and after photos along with all necessary details such as:

  1. Number of follicles required
  2. Number of follicles implanted during a session (as if the patient needs more than one session for growth all over the head)
  3. Patient Age
  4. A technique used during the procedure
  5. Time duration of surgery (as this surgery results took time for at least a year for full results)

The trade of hair transplant surgery in India is majorly classified into 3 major techniques. 

  1. FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction): In this technique, surgery is done under local anesthesia after head-shaving by using a 0.7mm driller punch to extract follicles. The technique is primarily suggested for the patients who have had done their hair transplant earlier and looking out for another session in order to cover up the remaining baldness. Other than that, a patient who has less donor area and large baldness is suggested to do the above mentioned technique. And the patient who has an extensive fear of stitches can pursue with this technique. Long hair transplant can never get combined with the FUE technique. 
  2. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): The technique is suggested for all the patients as it keeps your donor area intact post-surgery. During this technique, a strip of 1cm is extracted, and a patient who is looking for unshaven hair transplant surgery in India should opt for this. Women also can opt for this procedure. As no trimming other than a donor area need to get done, many patients may get confused about Long Hair Transplant and FUT hair transplant of long hair. Both techniques are co-related but have surgical differentiation. 

Long Hair Transplant: This technique is surprisingly an advanced version of FUT. That is why, Long hair Transplant surgery is also known as FUT Long Hair Transplant. In conventional FUT, the donor area needs to be shaved. Long Hair Transplant Delhi is suggested for the patients who are looking for fast surgery results and moreover don’t want to disclose about the surgery he/she has got done.

Long hair transplant cost in India

However, the cost of a Long Hair Transplant is slightly high rather than any other technique. This is so important to access that how the cost of a Long hair transplant is associated with various factors to make this costly:

  1. Centre location
  2. In this technique, a large number of operational teams is required
  3. Perfect safety and extra precaution needs to be followed
  4. Time  consuming technique
  5. Need patience and super dedication in order to perform this surgery
  6. Large team leads to high expenses
  7. Difficult to perform this technique even by a Plastic surgeon, that is why, there are very few surgeons who are performing Long hair transplant in Delhi
  8. Team cannot able to do more procedures in a day with this technique

Although, Long Hair Transplant cost in India is measurable, if considering all such factors

That is why, it is very important to consult well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon who can promise the best results. And dream results can be possible by consulting Dr. Shobhit at Karol Bagh, Delhi, and know all your queries related to the procedure such as what to expect – what to not, consulting is important to fetch all the information from surgery starting till end along with all the post-surgical precautions and all the surgical variables that should be known as being a surgery aspirant. Also, the visit to the doctor is most important for evaluating the patient’s medical state and hair follicles requirement and after evaluation only, we at Shobhit Aesthetics will assure the best outset. Cost of Long Hair Transplant Surgery in India at Shobhit Aesthetics is pocket-friendly of course as compared to another plastic surgeon. As a pioneer surgeon, Dr. Shobhit at Shobhit Aesthetics uses all new, latest and innovative techniques to assure the best and perfect results. We at Shobhit Aesthetics believe to gift the crown of full hair and happiness. Now believe in the time to keep your baldness away in just a single day.

Which blood tests are necessary to do before the procedure?

Post consultation, the surgeon will prescribe some of the blood tests to be done for surgery. Blood and body checkups need to be done before undergoing hair transplant surgery, i.e; 

  1. LFT- Liver Function Test
  2. KFT- Kidney Function Test
  3. Blood Sugar- HBA1C (if you have high blood sugar)
  4. HBSAG
  5. Viral Marker such as HIV, HCV
  6. Thyroid

Any additional tests will prescribe after consultation as per the medical health history.

Long Hair Transplant Results

Very important to discuss this with the surgeon about the surgery results. A patient may expect over 95% of implanted hair follicles to grow. Results post-surgery are 100% safe, non-dramatic, natural, and long-lasting if performed with well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. 

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How long does hair transplant recovery take?

Downtime of hair transplant surgery is very minimal. Recovery post-surgery is so speedy and the patient can easily initiate all of his/her activities from the next day onwards. Also, there are no listed risks involved with the surgery except swelling, and bruising which should be considered as a part of the surgery. Because both of them gradually subside within a week. 

Precautions should be taken post hair transplant surgery?

  1. Should wash head daily from non-chemical induced, sulphate and paraben free shampoo. Mostly, surgeons suggest Ducray post-surgery
  2. Keeps body hydrated 
  3. Consume high-protein diet
  4. Avoid heavy exercising for some days until your surgeon suggests to resume
  5. Avoid smoking, liquoring for 7 days post-surgery
  6. Keep medicines and prescriptions always
  7. Take medicines on time
  8. If you are unwell in any manner, don’t delay connecting with your surgeon.

Precautions should be taken during Long Hair Transplant Surgery

  1. Shobhit is a skilled and well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi
  2. Must remember, not every surgeon can do a long hair transplant in Delhi, that’s why one must check the before after results of previous patients
  3. Dr. Shobhit at Shobhit Aesthetics in Karol Bagh, Delhi can offer the best service along with his homely environment

Why to choose Dr. Shobhit only for Hair Transplant Surgery?

  1. Well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon
  2. Transparent Results
  3. Have done almost 5000+ surgery with 100% satisfactory results
  4. Ensuring transparent pricings

How long hours the surgery take for the whole procedure?

The duration of the surgery depends upon the number of follicles planned for the surgery. As up to 6000 follicles with a long hair transplant can proceed therefore this may take 5-6 hours if performed with a large number of dedicated team and surgeon. 

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Facts regarding Long Hair Transplant Surgery?

    1. Hair Transplant Surgery assures the best natural-looking results
    2. Surgery gives you the best and long-lasting results with zero downtime.
    3. Surgery assures results on the table.
    4. Although surgery can be preferred by many patients but generally long hair transplant is the best preferable technique for the person belonging to the corporate sector, army generals, pilots, etc.
    5. Dr. Shobhit at Shobhit Aesthetics, Karol Bagh is the top-notch transformation center for you.

    Choose Shobhit Aesthetics and let us be your best transformational partner.

Long Hair Transplant

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