Revitalize Your Confidence: Get Mastopexy for Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi, India

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

It is the procedure designed for breast tightening. This can be possible by lifting of breasts with several steps. But before all of this, you may visit Dr. Shobhit Gupta in Karol Bagh, Delhi, and know all your queries related to the procedure such as what to expect – what to not, the complete and real picture post-surgery, and all the surgical variables that should be known as being a surgery aspirant. This visit is most important for evaluating the patient’s medical state and breast condition and after evaluation only, we at Shobhit Aesthetics will assure the best outset. The cost of Breast Lift Surgery in India at Shobhit Aesthetics is pocket-friendly of course as compared to other plastic surgeons. Dr. Shobhit at Shobhit Aesthetics uses the latest and innovative techniques to ensure the best and perfect results. We at Shobhit Aesthetics, take you towards your dream posture with our homely environment. 

Breast Lift Surgery Before & After

You should must check the surgery related before and after prior to your surgery. Below, we have mentioned some of our patient’s testimonials along with the results and every necessary detail that should be concerned:

  1. i) Patient’s age:
  2. ii) Patient’s weight:

iii) Technique used during the procedure:

  1. iv) Breast size before surgery:
  2. v) Breast size after surgery:
  3. vi) Nipple Position before surgery:

vii) Nipple Position after surgery:

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Why Breast lift Surgery is done?

It is very important to know who should do this surgery or not. And the surgery procedure is done if:

  1. Looking for breast tightening
  2. Lady who has sagging breasts
  3. Females generally who won’t prefer to wear bra suffers from loss of breast contours
  4. A patient who have hereditary big breasts can also prefer for the mentioned surgery
  5. A patient whose breasts shape looks like a pendulum or elongated shape
  6. Nipple and areola pointers fall downward
  7. Females who haven’t skin elasticity can also opt for breast lift
  8. Patient who has asymmetric breasts
  9. Patient who is looking to decrease the areola 

Many of you may ask, Is Breast Lift Surgery worth it or not? Then you should must consult Dr. Shobhit for your concern. Breast Lift surgery comes in a world of Plastic Surgery, so only Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons can give you back your new bold looks. And beyond this, surgery has complete worth and is very helpful to create better breast contours and re-shaping.

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Recovery time post Breast Lift Surgery?

Surgery will take at least 3 months for complete recovery but you can move freely post 2-3 days of surgery and can start all of your normal activities from the next day onwards. And should follow prescriptions given by a surgeon for speedy recovery. During recovery, you may experience some of them:

  1. Breast feels tightens than usual which is completely normal post-surgery
  2. Swelling around breasts
  3. Bruising 
  4. Should follow all the messaging techniques for the best and a speedy recovery which assures the more-permanent results. 
  5. Wear a compression bra as suggested always for more permanent results

Risks involved in Breast Lift Surgery?

Likewise, with every Plastic surgery, breast lift surgery has also associated with some potential risks such as: 

  1. You may experience some persistent pain but if you are suffering so, consult immediately with a surgeon
  2. Excess of blood loss if surgery is performed by an un-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon. 
  3. Can suffer from hematoma
  4. Asymmetric breasts
  5. DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)- This problem is hereditary, that is why should inform the surgeon prior to surgery. 

It is highly suggested to get your surgery done only with a board-certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon to avoid all the above-mentioned associated complications. 

Precautions to consider before undergoing Breast Lift Surgery?

  1. Should consult with board-certified Plastic Surgeon only
  2. Disclose all of your medical health histories
  3. Avoid smoking and alcohol before 7 days of surgery
  4. Avoid consuming blood thinner medicines such as Aspirin, and any other herbal supplements which may increase the chances of excessive blood loss during surgery
  5. Stop consuming any recreational drugs such as cocaine etc.
  6. Keep a person with you during surgery and as driving is restricted, either arrange for a driver or book a cab to get back to your home

What is the right age for Breast Lift Surgery?

Any person beyond 21 can do surgery. Well, precisely this is very important to know that, when should get the breast lift surgery done. The person who is ready to do surgery and is physically and mentally fit at the same can opt for the surgery. 

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What to expect with Breast Lift Surgery?

Every one of you may ask about the surgery results and what exactly can expect from the surgery. 

Only the best you should be your expectations from surgery, as this surgery gives you the perfect and the best body fit to flaunt. 

Myths regarding Breast Lift Surgery?

There are uncertain myths rumored regarding the surgery:

    1. Breast Lift surgery is painful: It is partially correct but that doesn’t mean that surgery initiates the unbearable pain. Patients report very mild pain for 2-3 days only post-procedure. 
    2. Surgery leaves life-long scars: Scars after surgery can be visible for months, but won’t be for life. If the surgery is performed by a well-experienced Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Shobhit at Shobhit Aesthetics in Karol Bagh. 
    3. Only woman above 40 can do surgery: Indeed this surgery brings the breast elasticity and compresses the sagging breast but any woman who is medically and physically healthy can proceed with the surgery after 21 at least. 
    4. Size does matter for surgery: Women with heavy and large breasts can’t opt for the procedure. No breast size can never be a concerning factor for surgery proceedings. Both small and large breast shows the same beautiful results if performed by an experienced Plastic surgeon. 
    5. Exercise can also provide the same results as the surgery does: Indeed, exercising can suffice the breast size but exercises can never be your breast tightening and elasticity partner. Only breast lift surgery could ensure breast tightening and elasticity. 

Facts regarding Breast Lift Surgery?

  1. Surgery gives you the best breast in terms of tightening and elasticity.
  2. You are also the surgery candidate but should proceed with an experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and some blood tests for the best results and satisfaction.
  3. Breast Lift Surgery is the best and only alternative to reduce the achievable breast size for better posture and body shape. 
  4. Dr. Shobhit at Shobhit Aesthetics, Karol Bagh is the top-notch transformation center for you.

Looking for a board-certified Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon for your new and enhanced breasts, precisely you are at your best. Generally, Breast lift surgery, also what we can name Mastopexy, is designed for the re-correction of sagging breasts. There may be several reasons for sagging breasts such as post-pregnancy due to breastfeeding, due to age, due to sudden weight change, and the same can be done the same procedure for asymmetric breasts for beautiful you. Apart from all, the cost of breast lift surgery in India is questionable however, it is not as important as the surgeon and surgery are. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast lift surgery is not covered by any kind of insurance as this surgery motives for body feature enhancement. And as per the insurance act, Plastic and Cosmetic treatments are beyond the insurance cover. 

Both the surgery are safe and as the name suggests, breast lift surgery is for the lifting of breasts and tightening and implants are used to increase breast size and are innovated for the patients who have small breasts. 

Yes, if you have issues regarding sagging breasts and dreaming for their breast tightening then breast lift surgery is for you.

Yes indeed, surgery affects breastfeeding and 1/3 of the total patient can breastfeed post-surgery so that is why it is suggested to every patient to discuss regarding family planning with the surgeon prior.

Numerous blood and body checkups need to be done before undergoing the breast lift procedure, i.e; 

  1. LFT- Liver Function Test
  2. KFT- Kidney Function Test
  3. Blood Sugar- HBA1C (if you have high blood sugar)
  4. HBSAG
  5. Viral Marker such as HIV, HCV
  6. Thyroid

Apart from that, a surgeon at your surgery center will tell you what to do after accessing your medical health history. 

Every post-care surgical precaution is the same but need to be followed patient to patient as per the given advice by your surgeon: 

  1. If a surgeon suggests consuming any kind of medicines related to blood pressure, sugar, and any other illness, you should consume them even at a surgery day to avoid any kind of risk
  2. You must have a person with you to take care of post-surgery all the time until you are ready to do all of your normal routine work. 
  3. Avoid bathing until the dressing and stitches are removed in order to avoid fluid accumulation and the formation of blood clots. 
  4. In case of any emergency, don’t delay connecting with your surgeon.
  5. Must not do any heavy exercise except walking
  6. Water, juices, and hydrated fruits are very helpful to keep you hydrated, so must have them.
  7. Avoid smoking and alcohol for at least 10-15 days after surgery or until the breast tissue heals. 

Breast Lift

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