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What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin surgery known as mentoplasty is the surgery for reshaping the chin. Patients who are appearing for nose surgery may sometimes have to undergo chin surgery for perfect facial proportions. Chin implant in India is done to balance the proportions of facial features to better the look of the individual.

Chin augmentation can frequently be performed on the lower jawline and chin region which includes an increase, decrease, or removal of the double chin to further develop the extent of the face and to assist with one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Before Chin Augmentation

  • Firstly, the patient should go through a thorough medical examination to find out any disease.
  • A patient must quit smoking as smoking may cause slow the process of recovery. 
  • A patient should avoid painkillers, supplements, and medicines if any. 
  • Provide all the information or documents if you have any medical history.
  • Avoid any blood-thinning medicines as they may increase bleeding.

You can ask for a chin implant before and after pictures without any hesitation to check the results.

During Chin Augmentation

  1. Anesthesia will be given to numb and make the treated area pain-free. 
  1. An incision will be made inside or outside the mouth and under the chin area to make a pocket for placing the implant.
  1. The surgeon may use fat tissues or real bone for implants, or an implant made out of any other material. The implant will be attached to the bone with screws or sutures
  1. In the double chin removal, the surgeon will remove the excess fast from the chin area.
  1. Then the incisions will be closed with the sutures after the surgery is done.
  1. This complete procedure may take 1 to 3 hours. The surgery will have the usual possible risks of all like other surgeries.

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Types of Chin Implants

  1. The Surgical Chin Implant: This procedure involves the surgical implant by using plastic material into the chin by attaching it to the bone. Chin implantation with the surgical chin implant is a cosmetic procedure that involves a surgical incision, which is made under the chin or inside the lower lip. The implant then is placed into the pocket which is made. 
  2.  Non-surgical Chin Implant:These implants are performed by using needles to inject fillers to improve the appearance of the facial features. These non-surgical chin implants are temporary. A few examples of temporary fillers are Hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite preparations.

A smaller and deformed chin creates facial features that seem soft and less aggressive. Chin Implant surgery is done to improve the appearance of the face or to look the chin more prominent. At Shobhit Aesthetics, we use silicone implants done via a small entry point in the mouth (invisible scar). We use implants that can be customized as desired by the patients. We provide chin surgery cost in Delhi at very reasonable prices.

Recovery of Chin Augmentation

The patients can experience very little downtime and can return to their normal activities within 7 days after the chin implantation surgery. Discomfort can be felt very less that is easily controlled by medications. 

The patient will need to sleep face-up for at least 1-2 weeks after the surgery which will help in controlling swelling. Avid vigorous exercise for up to 3-4 weeks after the chin implants surgery. The patient needs to follow the given instructions of the surgeon for fast recovery.

And within 3 months of the surgery, the patient will recover completely. Chin implant Delhi with Shobhit Aesthetics is safe as we have board-certified plastic surgeons with several years of experience.

Chin Implant Side Effects

  • Implant Malposition: – Implant malposition can be a serious complication of chin implant surgery. This complication occurs when the pocket created by the surgeon for the implant is either too large or too small which causes the implant to sit unevenly. Your surgeon will need to revise the procedure to correct this complication.
  • Infection: – There are a few factors that may increase the risk of infection during chin implant surgery. Dr. Shobhit Gupta who is the best chin implant surgeon in India will give you antibiotics before, during, and after the procedure to prevent the infections.
  • Bruising and soreness may remain for at least 2 weeks. Follow your surgeon’s instructions for fast recovery.
  • Numbness is a very common complication around the chin that lasts for up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Due to the tightening of the skin, a tingling feeling can be felt by the patient for some time.

Benefits of Chin Implants

  • Chin implant surgery corrects any deformity in the chin and eliminates irregularities in the size. 
  • Chin implant surgery leads to a stronger facial feature that boosts self-confidence. 
  • Chin implants are customizable. So that the patient can choose any shape and size as desired.
  • These implants can be removed easily if the patient is not satisfied with the outcomes. 
  • The implanted chin creates a symmetrical face and improves the appearance of facial features. 
  • Chin implant surgery is a safe procedure that must be performed under a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Does Chin Implant Surgery Leaves Scars?

People are very concerned about the scar after the surgery. After a chin implant surgery, the patient feels tightness in the chin that lasts for a few weeks. As for visible scars, only the surgeries done with the incision made under the chin might have a chance of a scar. Otherwise, in most of the closing procedures, the stitches are put into the natural folds of the chin.

Is Chin Implant Surgery Painful?

Chin Implant Surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the type of surgery. After the surgery, the patient may feel some numbness and soreness in the treated area but can be treated with medicines to reduce the pain if it happens.

Choose a Surgeon

The patient must ensure to check the credentials of the surgeon. Choose the best chin implant surgeon in India, he must be board-certified and has experience of several years. Your surgeon is skilled enough to be able to perform the surgery. You can ask for before and after pictures if necessary. Dr. Shobhit Gupta provides the best chin enlargement in India.

Chin Implant Surgery Cost

Chin implant cost in India is considered the most cost-saving surgery done with high-quality techniques for global patients looking for chin implants surgery. India is currently one of the top destinations for cosmetic tourism.

If you’re looking for the chin augmentation surgery cost in Delhi, visit Shobhit Aesthetics which is one of the most advanced Indian cosmetic clinics and is well equipped with all the modern equipment. We provide excellent hygiene standards. We have a team of highly-skilled cosmetic surgeons with experience in dealing both in India and abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chin Reduction surgery is performed to reduce the size of an overly large-sized chin. This procedure is a very safe procedure when performed under a board-certified surgeon.

The removal of a double chin involves removing o excess fat to create a shape and chiseled jawline. This surgery offers permanent results as once the fat is removed it cannot grows back itself.

It depends on the choice of implants, some implants last forever. Ask your surgeon before undergoing the surgery.

Chin Augmentation

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