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Ear surgery which is also known as otoplasty can advance the shape and proportion of the ear. Any deformity in the ear structure from birth can be rectified by otoplasty. This procedure can be done to treat deformed ears caused by any injury. 

Ear surgery offers a natural shape and also brings balance and proportion to the ears and face. Correction of ear deformities improves the appearance and self-esteem of a person. If distending or disfigured ears are the reason for embarrassment for you or your kid, you might think about ear surgery in Delhi with Shobhit Aesthetics.

What is Ear Surgeries?

Otoplasty is also known as cosmetic ear surgery. It’s performed on the auricle which is an external part of the ear and easily visible that involves the cartilage folds in the skin. Auricles develop before birth and keep developing after birth.

If the auricle doesn’t develop as expected, you can consider otoplasty in Delhi to correct the size and shape of your ears.

Ears that stick out can be a concentration for prodding, particularly for youngsters. This prodding can negatively affect their confidence.

During the initial two months of life, guardians can have their child’s ears reshaped with molds. Following two months, the main long-lasting method for diminishing how far your ears stick out is to have a surgical procedure.

Types of Otoplasty

There are three main types of otoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Shobhit Gupta are ear pinning, ear enlargement, and ear reduction. :

Ear enlargement: – Ear enlargement surgery is for people with small ears or ears that haven’t developed properly. Without surgery, no medical treatment or exercise makes your ears bigger, Otoplasty surgery is the only option to increase the size of the ear.

Ear Pinning: – Ear pinning includes bringing the ears nearer to the head. This surgery is performed on people whose ears are prominently sticking out from the side of the head. During pinnaplasty, the surgeon will make a small incision behind each ear to remove some part of cartilage to create the desired shape.  

Ear Reduction: –  In-ear reduction, the surgeons use to determine macrotia – unusual enlargement of the auricle. Whenever your ears are bigger than expected, this is the sort of otoplasty you might decide to decrease the size of your ears.

Ideal Candidates for Otoplasty Surgery

Children who are good candidates for otoplasty surgery:

  • Healthy children without any life-threatening illness or untreated ongoing ear diseases
  • Generally above 5 years old, or when a kid’s ear ligament is steady enough for augmentation
  • Any child who is cooperative and is adhere to the surgeon’s instructions
  • Children who do not object during the surgery 

Adults who are good candidates for otoplasty surgery are:

  • Healthy individuals who don’t have a serious medical condition that can affect the ear 
  • Any individual who has a positive outlook for otoplasty surgery
  • Any non-smoker

People not ideal candidates for otoplasty surgery are

  • Suffering from chronic ear infections 
  • Going through a life-threatening illness

When to Consider Ear Surgery?

You can consider ear surgery if

  • Your ears stick out and look too far away from your head
  • Your ears are larger than normal in proportion to your head
  • You are not satisfied with a previous ear surgery treatment 

Otoplasty Treatment gives you benefits in multiple ways

  • Ear surgery can correct a birth ear deformity 
  • Otoplasty can correct congenital ear defects to enhance the facial appearance
  • Treat Cryptotia, a genetic condition in which the front portion of the ear appears undefined from the sides.
  • To correct a condition of Stahl’s bar in which a vertical bump is present in the upper part of the ear, otoplasty is the best solution for the treatment.
  • Otoplasty enhances your overall appearance and boosts the self-confidence 

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How You Should Prepare For Otoplasty?

Follow the instructions of your surgeon by stopping any blood-thinning medications and supplements. 

With the child patient, you must inform the school administrations in advance, as the healing process may take a few days.

Quit smoking if you smoke regularly for at least a few weeks before the ear surgery.

Discuss with your surgeon about the complications and risks.

Arrange someone for help after the surgery as the patient can feel dizzy because of the anesthesia

Strictly follow a healthy diet and keep yourself hydrated as much you can

What is the Procedure of Otoplasty?

In the first step, the patient will be given local or general anesthesia. Then the incisions will be made on the backside of the ear. Incisions can be made in front of the ear totally depending on the condition and through these incisions, the surgeon reshapes misshapen cartilages. Stitches will be made after the ear surgery in Delhi. 

The surgery takes 1-2 hours under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. This is a short duration surgery and then the patient will be discharged on the same day. The incisions are made behind the ear and cannot be seen. The incisions which are made on the front are made into folds and cannot be seen. Bandages are put on the treated part after the surgery to support the ears to heal in the new position. 

The results can be seen immediately after the otoplasty or ear surgery. Complicated surgeries take some time to show the results. Patients must follow the instructions of the surgeon during the recovery period to avoid any kind of complications. And if you are worried about otoplasty price, Shobhit Aesthetics provides the best prices.

Dr. Shobhit Gupta who is the best otoplasty surgeon in Delhi also explains the before and aftercare of the surgery.

Recovery After Otoplasty?

After the otoplasty surgery in Delhi, the patient may feel discomfort which is normal and can be controlled by medications. Sometimes, the patient might feel itchiness on the treated area which is also normal. Ear surgery offers immediate results after the bandages are removed in the starting stages of recovery. The scars are fully hidden and go away after a few months. The patient needs to take proper rest for a week and the full recovery can take a few weeks, and the results are permanent.

Precautions Before the Surgery

  • One should maintain a healthy diet before the surgery, the patient needs to eat a good and balanced diet for the fast recovery
  • Any smoker should stop smoking and alcohol consumption and also talk about smoking and drinking habits to the surgeon as these habits may affect the healing process.  
  • The patients are advised to avoid consuming any blood-thinning medications before undergoing surgery.

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What Otoplasty Can / Can’t Do?


  • Reposition the ears 
  • Correct the abnormalities of the ear by birth 
  • Reduce the appearance of excessively large ears
  • Treat Cryptotia


  • Change the location of the ears
  • Change your hearing ability

What is the Risk Involved in Otoplasty?

  • Patients may face infection sometimes but not to worry, surgeons will prescribe antibiotics to prevent complications.
  • Minor bruising may occur which is quite normal after the surgery and disappear after a few days.  
  • Sometimes the ears need revision surgery which happens very rarely.
  • Sometimes patients are unsatisfied with the results. And the reasons are asymmetrical ears, too close to the head, too far from the head, and many others.
  • Patients may feel numbness in the ear for a few weeks after the surgery.
  • And if some serious complications have occurred, then immediate medical treatment will be given. 

Know your Surgeon

Dr. Shobhit Gupta is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an extensively trained cosmetic surgeon in India. He is one of the best plastic surgeons in India with more than 11 years of experience with 100% successful results. His skills and experience make him the most trusted and the best otoplasty surgeon in India. 

Cost of Ear Surgery

It is very important to know that the primary variables that affect the total ear operation cost in Delhi are the complexity of the procedure, the surgeon’s experience, surgical facility fees, and other surgery-related expenses which may vary from person to person. If you’re planning to undergo ear surgery and are worried about otoplasty cost in Delhi. Visit Shobhit Aesthetics, we provide the treatment at a very reasonable ear surgery cost

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, ear surgery can be done over the age of five and above up to any age, and if you're healthy enough to undergo the surgery.

Ear operation cost depends on multiple factors like choice of location, surgeon, medical facilities, techniques, and many others. Visit Shobhit Aesthetics for reasonable prices for ear plastic surgery cost.

Ear surgery can change the shape, position, or proportion of your ear. A defect from birth or caused by an injury can be corrected with this treatment. 

Otoplasty or ear surgery can be done to treat the deformity from birth or from any injury which can change the shape and size of the ears.  

If one or both ears stick out more than 2 cm then it is considered protruding.

Ear Surgeries

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