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Gynecomastia Surgery in Faridabad

Living with man boobs can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

You want to feel confident in your own skin but even the most flattering clothes can’t hide your man boobs.

Dr. Shobhit Gupta is a gold medalist plastic surgeon who specializes in Gynecomastia treatment. He will help you to regain your confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Gynecomastia surgery is a safe, effective treatment for men with enlarged breasts due to excess fat and/or glandular tissue. It can reduce the size and appearance of the breasts, providing men with a more masculine, toned look and improved confidence. Faridabad is home to a number of professional clinics and doctors who specialize in gynecomastia surgery, offering personalized treatment plans tailored to a patient’s individual needs. This blog post will discuss the various gynecomastia surgery options available in Faridabad and the advantages of choosing a professional clinic for the procedure. It will provide valuable information to help men make an informed decision about the best way to address their gynecomastia concerns. With a better understanding of the available treatments and options, men can feel more confident in their male identity and self-image.

Overview of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is a procedure that helps to reduce the amount of male breast tissue. It is a safe and effective option for men who suffer from gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of male breast tissue due to hormonal imbalances. The surgery is typically done in Faridabad and it is typically done on an outpatient basis. It is a relatively straightforward procedure that involves the removal of excess breast tissue, either by liposuction, direct excision, or a combination of both. The goal of the surgery is to achieve a more masculine appearance, as well as a flatter, firmer chest.

Benefits of Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia, also known as male breast reduction surgery, is a procedure designed to reduce the size of the breast tissue in men. This procedure can provide numerous benefits to those who are self-conscious about having overly large breasts. Aside from restoring a more masculine chest appearance, gynecomastia surgery can also improve emotional wellbeing and physical comfort. Patients often feel more confident after the procedure, and can enjoy improved posture and less chest discomfort. Gynecomastia surgery can also help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and other imperfections in the chest. For those looking to restore a more masculine chest appearance, gynecomastia surgery in Faridabad can provide a safe and effective solution.

Pre-Surgery Preparation of Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction Surgery

When preparing for gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful outcome. Pre-surgery preparation for this procedure is essential for the best possible results. The steps for pre-surgery preparation for gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery in Faridabad include a complete physical examination, lab tests, and imaging scans. Additionally, the patient should stop smoking, avoid alcohol and certain medications, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to follow the instructions provided by your surgeon in order to avoid any complications.

Types of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery in Faridabad offers a variety of treatments for gynecomastia, each designed to achieve the best possible cosmetic outcome for the patient. These treatments range from minimally invasive liposuction to open surgical excision. The four types of gynecomastia surgery available in Faridabad are: liposuction, glandular excision, excision of skin and subcutaneous tissue, and reduction mammoplasty. Each procedure is tailored to the individual needs of the patient, and patients are encouraged to discuss the potential benefits and risks of each option with their surgeon.

Surgery Process of Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction Surgery

The surgery process of Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction Surgery is the best option to resolve the enlarged breast tissue in men. It is a straightforward procedure with minimal risk and offers a permanent solution. The process begins with the evaluation of the patient’s medical history and physical examination. The process then involves removal of excess fat and breast tissue using liposuction and surgery. Depending on the patient’s condition, the surgeon may also recommend combination of both procedures. After the surgery, the patient may need to wear a compression garment for some weeks to help the healing process. The patient will also be advised to take some medications for pain relief. Most men can return to their normal activities within two weeks of the surgery.

Post-Surgery Care of Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Post-surgery, it is important to follow the advice and instructions given by your doctor for optimal healing and recovery. After gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery, patients must take care to keep their chest clean, dry, and bandaged. They should also wear supportive garments or compression bandages to reduce swelling and ensure proper healing of the incisions. Patients should not engage in any strenuous activities or heavy lifting for at least two weeks after the procedure. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and to attend all follow-up appointments in order to ensure a successful recovery and the best possible results.

Anesthesia Used in Gynecomastia Surgery

Anesthesia is an essential component for the successful completion of gynecomastia surgery. At our clinic in Faridabad, we use local anesthesia to minimize any pain and discomfort associated with the procedure. Local anesthesia numbs the area around the incision, providing safe and comfortable surgery. Before the procedure, we discuss the anesthesia options with the patient to ensure that the chosen method is suitable for their needs. Our team of expert anesthesiologist will monitor the patient throughout the procedure to ensure their safety.

Risks of Gynecomastia Surgery or Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction surgery is a safe and effective procedure. However, like any surgical procedure, there are certain risks associated with it. These risks include infection, bleeding, hematoma, changes in nipple sensation, and asymmetry. In addition, the patient should be aware of the potential for scarring, nipple numbness, and the possibility of needing revision surgery. Patients should also be aware that the final results of the surgery could take several months to be visible.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Faridabad

Gynecomastia surgery in Faridabad is a popular and safe procedure that can help reduce enlarged male breasts. The cost of the surgery depends on a number of factors, such as the experience of the surgeon, the anesthesia used, and the facility where the procedure is performed. Generally, the cost of gynecomastia surgery in Faridabad ranges from ₹25000 to ₹80000. It is important to note that the cost of the surgery does not include any pre- or post-operative care. If you are considering gynecomastia surgery in Faridabad, it is important to do your research and talk to your doctor to determine the estimated cost of the surgery.

Why Choose Shobhit Gupta for Gynecomastia Surgery in Faridabad?

Patients considering gynecomastia surgery in Faridabad should choose Dr. Shobhit Gupta for the procedure for several reasons. Dr. Gupta is one of the most experienced and qualified surgeons in the city, having years of experience in a wide range of procedures. He is also renowned in Faridabad and its surrounding areas for his excellent bedside manner, his commitment to patient safety, his dedication to providing the best possible results, and his commitment to keeping up with the latest technological advancements in gynecomastia surgery. He also provides detailed pre- and post-operative guidance to ensure that his patients are prepared for the surgery and understand the recovery process.

In conclusion, gynecomastia surgery in Faridabad has become increasingly popular over the years due to its high success rates, minimal scarring, and shorter recovery times. The surgical procedure is safe and effective and can help those suffering from this condition to restore their body shape and confidence. If you are considering undergoing gynecomastia surgery, it is important to research different procedures and consult with a surgeon to determine the best option for your individual case.


Is there any medicine in Homeopathy for gynecomastia?

Yes, there are some homeopathic remedies that may be beneficial for gynecomastia. These include Acidum Fluoricum, Phytolacca Decandra, Graphites, and Thuja Occidentalis. It is important to seek the advice of a qualified homeopath before attempting to treat this condition. But these medicines work only in 2-5% patients.

Can I get rid of gynecomastia by exercising my chest?

Yes, exercising your chest can help reduce the appearance of gynecomastia. Along with exercise, there are medications and surgery available to treat gynecomastia. Consult a doctor to find the best treatment option for you.

How can I get rid of gynecomastia permanently?

Gynecomastia is a condition where the breasts swell in men due to a hormonal imbalance or other underlying medical condition. In order to permanently get rid of gynecomastia, it is important to consult with plastic surgeons for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Treatment option is only the surgery.

Is male breast reduction surgery safe?

Yes, male breast reduction surgery is generally safe when performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon. Potential risks and complications from the procedure include infection, bruising, swelling, asymmetry, and numbness.

What is the most common cause of gynecomastia?

The most common cause of gynecomastia is an imbalance of hormones, specifically an increase in the level of estrogen relative to testosterone. Other potential causes include medications, radiation therapy, tumors, and drugs or alcohol abuse.

Does gynecomastia affect growth?

Gynecomastia does not affect growth. It is a disorder of the breast tissue that causes excess breast tissue in males. This can cause a condition of enlarged breasts, but it does not affect growth.

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