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What is Laser Hair Removal ?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure in which a concentrated beam of light is used to remove unwanted hair.

During laser hair removal, laser light pulses damage the hair follicles. The light energy is converted to heat and destroys tube-shaped sacs that produce hairs and prevent further hair growth. Laser hair removal is the most effective method for all skin types of people.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal treatment is done to get rid of unwanted hair. Some of the commonly targeted areas are legs, armpits, upper lip, chin, and the bikini line. However, any area of the body can be treated but skin with tattoos is not suitable for this treatment. Shobhit Aesthetics is the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi.

  • Laser hair treatment does not cause any pain 
  • This treatment of hair removal is very effective and safe
  • The side-effects are minimal
  • Laser hair treatment saves your time as you don’t need to spend too much time on beauty rituals.
  • Your skin will need low maintenance after the treatment 
  • Eliminates the ingrown hair

Risks and Side-Effects of Laser Hair Treatment

Minor and temporary side effects can appear after laser hair removal. If any person experiences lasting side effects, he/she must consult their dermatologist. Some of the common side effects of laser hair removal includes:

  • Skin Irritation: –  Redness and swelling may feel after laser hair removal. These symptoms are temporary and may go away within a few hours.
  • Changes in Skin color: – After treatment, you may feel a slight change in the color of your skin, it could darken or lighten the treated skin. These changes could leave a temporary or permanent effect. 

Some of the rare side effects are blistering, crusting, scarring, or other changes in skin texture. Laser hair removal is not recommended for eyelids as this area can cause eye injury. These rare side effects can be avoided if the treatment is done by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon.

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Before the Treatment

If you want a hairless body and are interested in laser hair removal. You must choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who has several years of experience in this field and the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi NCR.

Schedule an appointment to determine if this treatment is the right choice for you. 

  • Your doctor reviews your medical history and history of skin disorders 
  • You must discuss risks and benefits with your doctor

Visit Shobhit Aesthetics for the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi and discuss the treatment plan.

Dr. Shobhit Gupta will give specific instructions to prepare for laser hair removal. These might include:

  • The patient must avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment, and also apply sunscreen before going out. 
  • You must avoid any skin creams that darken your skin.
  • Avoid any other hair removal methods like plucking and waxing as they can disturb hair follicles.
  • Avoid any blood-thinning medications. If you have previous medical history or are taking any medications, discuss them with your doctor. 
  • Trimming and shaving are recommended before laser hair treatment. It can prevent your skin from brunt hair.  

What you can expect after the Laser Hair Treatment?

Laser hair removal requires two to six treatments and the time between the treatments depends upon the location. The treatment is repeated in 4-8 weeks on the areas where hair grows quickly. In areas of slow hair growth, treatment is required every 12 to 16 weeks. You’ll need to wear special goggles that protect your eyes from the laser beam. The treatment is done under topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort.

You’ll experience redness after the treatment that will go away within 4 hours. After a few days, you’ll notice discoloration of the skin. You must have the patience to witness the desirable results. For the best laser hair removal in South Delhi, visit Shobhit Aesthetics. It is one of the best and safest laser hair removal clinics in Delhi.

Duration of Laser Hair Treatment

A laser hair removal treatment takes 45 minutes to 1-hour duration depending on the area being treated. If you’re looking for the best laser hair removal clinic in South Delhi, visit our center at once.

Ideal Candidate for Laser Hair Treatment

A person with light skin and dark hair is considered the right candidate for the treatment. Anyone who desires to remove hair from the body is an ideal choice for the treatment. Hair around the eyes is not recommended for the treatment.

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Laser Hair Removal for Face

For males and females, laser hair removal is available. The face is the first noticeable part of the body and even men can go for this treatment. Facial hair decreases self-confidence. A smooth face without hair can automatically increase the confidence level. 

Some of the common treatment areas for women are upper lips, cheeks, chin, and sideburns while for men are the neckline, beard, and back of the neck. Anyone can get this treatment irrespective of their gender.

Post-Treatment Care

  • You should avoid sun exposure for a few days after the treatment.
  • If blisters occur which are very rare, do not puncture.
  • Medication is recommended post-treatment to reduce discomfort. 
  • You must avoid any laser treatments or chemical procedures on the treated area for a few weeks post-treatment as instructed by the doctor. 
  • Using sunscreen is highly recommended ongoing for maintenance.
  • If you will experience hyper-pigmentation, prolonged redness, or swelling, contact your doctor immediately.
  • For achieving the best results, follow the instructions of your doctor

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal cost in Delhi varies on the targeted area of the body and the number of sessions required. 

Visit our center, we provide laser hair treatment at a very reasonable cost. Contact Shobhit Aesthetics for further queries.

In Shobhit Aesthetics, we use all the advanced tools for the treatment and we have a team of highly-qualified doctors managed by Dr. Shobhit Gupta who is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a gold medalist. He has experience of more than 11 years as a plastic surgeon. We have a record of 100% successful results and provide the best laser hair removal in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions

People are worried about the cost of laser hair treatment as to whether their investment gives permanent results or not. The results depend on the technique used for the treatment as there is a period of the resting phase of hair follicles that cannot be seen during the treatment and the chances they may grow after some time. Therefore multiple sessions are required for this treatment. 

Laser hair removal is an effective way to eliminate unwanted hair from your body. Laser heat destroys hair follicles. Laser hair removal is safe when performed by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. 

Laser hair removal needs a few treatments to completely get rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair treatment targets hair follicles and damages them with the help of laser beams. This procedure gives long-lasting results.

Laser hair removal is completely safe under a board-certified plastic surgeon. This procedure consists of a small amount of radiation to destroy hair follicles which is not harmful to your body. 

Dr. Shobhit Gupta does not recommend laser hair removal during pregnancy. There is no study that found that it affects the health and safety of your baby.

With the help of laser therapy, laser hair removal treatment destroys hair follicles and the results stay for years. You would notice little hair growth over the period of time, therefore, it requires a few sessions for permanent results.

During the treatment, bright laser heat penetrates through the skin and specifically focuses on the hair follicles and destroys them completely. After the treatment, the hair grows weaker than before. Laser hair treatment also makes your skin smoother.

Laser Hair Removal

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