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What is Lip Reduction Surgery?

Lip reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of one or both lips by reducing skin and tissue by an incision inside your mouth. This procedure is done to reshape the lip area. Some people have a relatively heavy upper lip, lower lip, and sometimes both. Lip reduction surgery is the procedure done under local or general anesthesia. Nowadays the number of cases in need of this surgery is increasing rapidly. 

Lip reduction surgery in India is increasing more rapidly than in other countries. And Shobhit Aesthetics Surgery is considered one of the safest surgeries and also provides lower lip reduction costs in Delhi than in other clinics. 

Lip Reduction Surgery Preparation

It is very important to pick an expert for lip reduction surgery and people are encouraged to investigate completely a board-certified and experienced surgeon who is simply amazing. It is additionally encouraged to have somebody with you so they can bring you back home following the finishing of the surgical procedure.

Smoking can adversely affect well-being and it’ll be good to stop smoking something like 14 days before the surgery. Patients must ask about the risks and complications of the surgeon. It is additionally of unrivaled significance to investigate ‘lip reduction surgery before and after photographs’ to go over the aftereffects of past clients. Pain relievers ought not to be taken before the treatment. Another fundamental variable is to consider your comfort level with the specialist before the procedure.

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Lip Reduction Surgery Procedure

Firstly, the surgeon will give you local anesthesia to numb your lips which reduces the pain during the surgery.  

The incisions are made horizontally in the pink inner portion of your lip during the procedure. This process will reduce the chance of visible scars. 

Then the surgeon will remove excess tissues from the targeted lip. Once the tissue will be removed, the surgeon will close the incisions with stitches. The surgery takes 30 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the procedure of the surgery.

Incisions will be closed and then stitches will be made and the patients will discharge on the same day of the surgery.

Lip Reduction Surgery Side Effects

The lips are the most sensitive parts of our body and it is very important to get your lip reduction in Delhi under an experienced surgeon to reduce the risk of side effects.

Most commonly, patients can expect redness, swelling, and slight pain within the first few days after the surgery. Bruising can be possible which is also very common. 

In very rare cases, lip reduction surgery may cause the following side effects:

  • Scarring can occur after the surgery which happens in very rare cases
  • Some patients feel severe swelling which can be reduced by medications
  • Sometimes bleeding may occur which can be treated under medications 
  • People sometimes suffer an allergic reaction due to anesthesia

The chances of rare side effects may occur when your surgeon is not a board-certified surgeon or who has no experience in this field. That’s why it is very important to choose a board-certified and experienced surgeon to reduce the chances of risks. Patients who are looking for the best lip reduction surgery in Delhi, visit Shobhit Aesthetics. It is fully equipped with all the advanced tools and also has a team of experienced surgeons and staff to help the patients in every situation.

Lip reduction Surgery Recovery Time

After the surgery, swelling and redness may occur which are very common and remain for a few days. After that, the patient will be able to do normal activities comfortably.

The sutures take about 1-2 weeks to come out and also the lips to completely heal. The patient is advised to take a full week off from work as it is the recovery time and to take rest to heal completely without taking any stress. 

The patients should follow all the instructions given by the surgeon. And if you feel any severe pain during the recovery process, talk to your surgeon immediately regarding the same. 

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Ideal Candidate for Lip reduction Surgery

  • People who want to change their facial appearance could be a man or a woman. Most people who have naturally large or they have larger than desired lips are the best candidates for lip reduction surgery. 
  • Anyone who is above 18 years is suitable for lip reduction surgery in Delhi
  • A healthy person is considered the best candidate as the chances of side effects are low
  • A non-smoker or who is willing to quit smoking before the surgery as smoking can increase the time of recovery
  • Anyone who has realistic expectations about lip reduction surgery results and the recovery time

Apart from the above points, if you have any medical history, tell your surgeon before undergoing the treatment. The surgeon will likely prescribe medication to prevent an outbreak while the treated area is healing.

Finding the Surgeon

Lip reduction surgeries are performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. It is important to look around for the right surgeon if you’re thinking of a lip reduction procedure. You can visit Shobhit Aesthetics and get your treatment under Dr. Shobhit Gupta who is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 11 years of experience. His experience and certification make him one of the most trusted surgeons in India. 

Always ask about the certification of your surgeon or lip reduction before and after pictures of the past patients without any hesitation when you visit the clinic. Dr. Shobhit Gupta is the best lip reduction surgeon in Delhi.

Benefits of Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip reduction is a sensitive surgical procedure that should be performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. Some of the benefits of lip reduction surgery are: – 

  • Removes excess skin that causes lip deformity
  • Improve facial appearance by balancing upper and lower lips
  • The surgery takes very less time
  • Provide permanent results
  • No visible scars
  • The surgery time is very less

Lip Reduction Surgery cost

The cost of lip reduction surgery varies with the surgeon, location, and the extent of your surgery that is treating one lip or both. Shobhit Aesthetics provide lip reduction surgery cost in India at very reasonable prices as we use all the advanced tools and provide the safest surgery. 

Lip reduction surgery cost in Delhi is the best option if you’re looking for a permanent solution to reduce the size of your lips. It’s necessary to discuss all the risks and required costs before the treatment. Contact Shobhit Aesthetics for further inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip reduction surgery is a very safe and effective method to reduce the size of your large lips to provide balance lips.

Lip reduction surgery is permanent because this surgical removal of tissue and once the tissue is removed that does not reconstruct again on its own.

Anesthesia is given to make the lips numb so that the patients won't feel any pain. However, patients might feel little or no pain during the surgery.

Anesthesia is given to the patients before the surgery so that they won't feel any pain during the surgery. During the recovery procedure, the patients must follow the surgeon's instructions strictly to avoid any complications.

Lip reduction surgery includes skin tissue removal from the lips. This surgery is done to reshape the lip area for a balanced lip appearance. Firstly, anesthesia is given so the patients won't feel any pain. The surgery takes up to 1 hour. Patients can see the lip reduction surgery results just after the treatment.

Lip reduction surgery cost in India depends on multiple factors like the location, choice of the surgeon, anesthesia and medical fees, and the procedure but this surgery cost in India is lower than in other countries.

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